Am I Disabled? Or am I Learning Disabled more importantly?

   First off, this obviously isn’t the only post that will address this.  And I don’t care what country you live in. If your country serves the disabled enough, this is true. If it doesn’t. And your asking this, you need to move. This is THAT important.  And as some of you know, I don’t love the term disabled. However, diagnostically, sometimes it’s required. To gain services, ect.  However, overall, here’s your answer. 

  Your reality of if you have something in my mind (And in many people’s) is independent of ANY medications, therapies, or remediations (Think trained corrections). If you have it, you have it. No matter your functioning level. Anouther words, if medication, food, therapies, exercise, or anything else. Makes you normal enough to not need services. in my mind. You still have whatever your diagnose was, is, or should be (If you or the goverment could afford it).

     In society however, everything is mostly if not entirely based off need. Therefore, your overall functioning level is determined in deciding if you are disabled and if so, to what degree. First. After that they look at, additional factors.  Therefore, your disability categorization is then also dependent on how your countries or geographical area, (Meaning goverment services) is determined and financially distributed, then they determine your diagnosis if existant. If you match or not there definition. For example. I know someone who is just what use to be called an Aspie,  who lives in a poor part of Florida and just makes or earns over the cutoff for SSD in her area. Making minimum wage down their working full time. Down there. Working how she chooses to with no financial means or energy for assistance to fight for assistance. She has chosen to not be diagnostically considered disabled. However, if she lived anywhere more expensive, without question. She’d be considered disabled and be getting assistance. However, if she insisted on being able to choose her own place. And section 8 wasn’t available. She’d be either homeless. Or living with her family, at a “friends” if she had one. With spare room. And that’s unlikely. 

    So, like I said.   How well can you pull off normal? For how long? And under what circumstances? Where do you live? What are the rules to qualify for assistance? Should you move?  And lastly, what is your diagnosis? 

    In conclusion, where there’s enough funding. And goverments financial support, ruled buy people who are educated enough. A milder disability (ies) may be identified, and classified, (At best), but, not serviced. In a poor place. Where staff can nearly read, funding is of a far higher concern, then supporting a mildly disabled adult. In conclusion, milder disabilities at best will be acknowledged but, not served in that environment. In either case. I don’t make these rules. I’m simply making sure, to help awareness. Because, that’s part of my job. 

   The bottom line is. If you want my advice. Is, if your someone who doesn’t live somewhere where you could be covered if you need it. You need to move, if the chance you may EVER need it, is moderate, or higher. And if you live somewhere. Where it seams like your the only one asking those questions. You need to discover the actual truth (Or not) if you actually are. And then go from there. 

The last bottom line I’m sharing for this post. Is a lot of things are based off of mindset. So, don’t just make sure yours is healthy. Also make sure, you understand thoroughly, others as well.  And that, in a nutshell, is how you know, if society would or wouldn’t classify you as disabled. And what you may or may not qualify for, in the big picture. No matter where you live, to some degree. 

To being informed,

Your Disability Advocate,

Alexandrea Van Der Tuin 

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  1. Actually the government and the rich in our society need to support the disabled financially and morally..

  2. Hi again! (Emmanuel found me on facebook, we recently became friends on it.) Yes Emmanuel, your correct. Nigeria (Where you live), defiantly does need that. Unfortunantely, it is behind some countries. Like those I was mainly referring to, or thinking of. You can, and I encourage certainly, the less developed countries to learn from these countries however.

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  4. Howdy! I’m happy to have helped.

    Your Disability Advocate,

    Alexandrea Van Der Tuin

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  6. Hi Rene, Lawyer, Marketing Expert! Thanks! I wonder what your connection to the disability world is. Care to share? I don’t have to share your answer with the world if you respond asking me to not approve your post. Or I could edit it out before posting the reply live. If you only want me to see your answer to that, I’d understand.However your answer may help others, you never know, right?

    The Disability Advocate,

    Alexandrea Van Der Tuin

  7. I will.!

    Take Care,

    The Disability Advocate,
    Alexandrea Van Der Tuin

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