Dear Readers,

Welcome to disabilityadvocate1.com! Let me introduce myself. I’m Alexandrea and I’m 33, and I live in the US in NJ. I hope you have a bit of time. Cause, I’m complicated! And I strongly feel if you get to know me some really well now. I’ll hopefully help you the most in the near future. I SERIOUSLY want to help. I live right outside of NYC.

As long as I remember, I’ve been advocating for myself. Which is a great thing, cause honestly, I have numerous things that make me special. I’m not saying, I never had assistance in it. I did sometimes. But, even then, at a certain age, I always led the team. Even if the team was only me, myself, and I, LOL! In 4 -6th grade I was at my IEP meetings leading them, and in 5th grade I decided if my parents didn’t find me a school I’d approve of attending that wasn’t public, I’d rather LITERALLY go to prison till I was 16 yrs old and had the right to then drop out. IT WAS THAT BAD! What really happened was they convinced me to try 6 th grade ( cause that meant middle school. Which among other things, means more kids, teachers, and classes. ) I guess they were praying, I’d find a couple good teachers and maybe a few friends. Going into it I was VERY doubtful it would be for the best. But, I was willing to try, atleast for a little longer. Off course, like usual, with my sixth sense ability. I was RIGHT. 6 th grade was WORSE! Honestly, changing to the Lewis School was one of my BEST decision’s I EVER made. And my parents too, off course!

I’ve always wanted to help numerous people too. And – about the age of 22 I was. After that, I wasn’t nearly as helpful, as I felt a strong need to be, to many people. Until about a few yrs ago. And I feel some of what I did during that haitus of sorts, has and will help me, in the work of my two websites. And helping any of you that allow me too. And I seriously hope you do. I LOVE helping.

My Educaution home schooled till kindergarten, via my mom, an OT and a speech therapist. Montessori School, which is a private school for the gifted NT’s ( I off course, was the exception, since I was disabled too! ) – first grade. Then I went to public school’s till 6th grade which is the age of 10 and 11 yrs old in the US. That school district was and is ranked as one of the top in the country.  But, for me, that didn’t mean it was all that helpful. Atleast at first. Then I went to the Lewis School a very small private school for students with learning disabilities esp, language based ones. Followed buy the Forman School ( a Boarding High School, in Litchfield, CT) where I nearly was denied the right to graduate. I’ve tried college at various locations in the US, Paul Smith’s College ( in the Adirondacks) , CCM (County College of Morris), and Landmark College in Putney, Vermont. But, don’t have a degree or certificate from any of them.

Both of why some of the above did or didn’t happen will be mentioned in more detail, anouther day. Or perhaps in a future book about MY STORY. However, I will say, In ALL the schools I attended, I was the MOST challenged student to teach when I was younger, in ALL of my classes. And with the exception of the public schools, the most CHALLENGED student ( at the time) to attend those schools ( And often, EVER, in the history of the school). I had private speech therapy a couple or a few times a week after school after first grade till 5th grade. After, first grade my OT sessions stopped. When I was in kindergarten through first grade we (meaning my parents) and brother (s) lived in Brooklyn. And one of my favorite things was going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art! Infact, my last birthday party was there! In FIRST grade! Right before second grade started ( I was 7 yrs old, for all you foreigners) we moved, to NJ. Close to where I live currently.

That’s when things really started to go down hill. But, that’s anouther story.

Lastly, I have a brother named Josh and a sister named Liza, and there doing very well for themselves. ( I changed there names for confidentiality purposes. My brother has a masters and my sister a communications degree from Cornell. There both engaged, and at the moment, my brother lives in the NYC suburbs, and my sister in New Orleans.

You can personally send me any questions, feedback, or  requests at disabilityadvocate1@mail.com 

Please post any comments you wish below!

Your Disability Advocate,

Alexandrea Van Der Tuin