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Nov 1, 2016

I purchased 13-16 items for under 150$ today! It’s all clothing and most of it is for my new upcoming (well fitted wardrobe!). I couldn’t be more excited to complete the wardrobe one day! And when you can afford stuff. And your the queen of steals. Shopping can be something a female CAN fall back in love with. Even with bad Sensory issues in today’s age.   How cool is that!?  Some of the item’s will be holiday gifts.! And oh man, the quality is quite good.


And that’s not even the best part! Wanna know what is? I’m not a 00 in most Pants! I nearly tried 20 pairs on  (No Joke.) ! I’m a O sometimes. And a size two  most of the time! After yesterdays supervisor who works partly off commission for his sizing expertise. (At the Express store in the Livingston Mall) said that. Today I just HAD TO go to a few other stores and try on OO’s, O’s, size 2’s, and size 4’s occasionally.   As I thought. The 00’s were mostly two small for me. The size 4 as expected were always too big for me. I only tried on 2/3 pants that were 00 that actually might have fit pretty well if not perfectly. If I memorized all the details right that is. And trying on some things 2/3 times and having the help of 3 stylists sizers with me. I’m pretty confident in what we remembered together.  I tried on kackies, slacks, Leggings, and Jeans. Or were the Leggings Jeggings? I forget.

Everything had at least a little stretch in them. None had tears or holes in them. And a couple were petite. But, as expected. The petite ones were all two short for me, ect. All the styles I tried on were very low waisted pants. And only two-4 out of like 13-17 pants were actually jeans. I liked the jeans allot but, they were two expensive. 1 was turquoise and the other was a light silver skinny jean.  Both were super soft.  I ended up getting 0 pants. But that’s okay, I have 5/6 AWESOME pj bottoms (from VS ) in pant, or crop length already.  I also have 1/2 other long PJ pant bottoms.


Then after that I bought myself out an “allergy FREE” dinner. Do you know how hard that is being as poor as me and while having over 100 food “allergies”?!  It was under 20$ two! But, for me- it was a piece of cake! And I looked forward to it this morning! And it was okay tasting.  Not my favorite price.  This was after dealing with police officers, lost and found, and the apple store!  Most of the police were great to interact with too!

All this made me look forward to going to HQ more tomorrow too! To have my last full day on the phones!  I’m excited!

Go Hillary Clinton!

Take Care! Nighty night!

Alexandrea Van Der Tuin


PS. The steals are HEAR NOW


October 2016

October 31  10 pm EST Now.   Last night between 9- 9:05 pm while at Penn Station in NYC. A major train station with a subway station in it and restaurants and shops. My iphone 6 was stolen. Last night till at least tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be dealing with that.  Making police reports. I already reported it last night too the NJ transit lost and found, initially hoping I lost it.

Luckily after about 2 hrs I was able to put it into lost mode. Today at about 315 pm  it was spotted in Manhattan briefly through the Lost mode feature I put on it. According to an e-mail I automatically received. It seams to have been put immediately offline once stolen and have been offline ever since.

Today. I also realized my newish, ideal, dressy slack size.   A whopping 00 ladies size at Express!   Which I Know, is NOT Funny. Remember my pants MUST be very low rise. And high quality.  The only reason I know this new size is because I had to go to my local verizon store which is in a mall with an Express in it to get my old flip phone reprogrammed till my iphone is found.

Don’t worry. I’m not a fan of shopping in person. Nor did I buy anything, or spend much time looking..  But, my dress pants are way to big on me now that I’m super thin.  There 4’s, not petite though, and straight or slight bootcut styles only.  Which are staples in my small, work wardrobe. For my very part time work, as a file clerk in a law office.

My new size is too small for certain.

October 24 th- Last night my last living grandparent passed away. She doesn’t live in the same part of the country as me. So, this weekend I could be going to wear she lived to her funeral and family get together’s.   If I do. I seriously hope it doesn’t negatively effect the November 8th election results.  As I promised to canvas every weekend prior to the election.


mid  Oct 2016

The medical study fell threw. I tried to get into stage 2/3 not the last stage.  But, I was finally told I didn’t qualify for it. In some ways that has been a big disappointment for me. The good news is. If I was part of it I might have gotten a placebo. If I did get a placebo I would be in a much worse state then I am in at least some ways.  Now I have a medication that somewhat helps me  with the right lifestyle choices. Even if it’s not exactly affordable.

And my part time job is currently keeping up with politics and volunteering for Hillary.

August 2016

With at least two new serious health issues and ample doctors appointments life is bizzy.

I’m going to start as a participant in a new medical study soon for an upcoming prescription drug as well. Because I’m such a complicated case they only approved me to participate in the drugs last stage of the trial. I’m the first to be approved for that stage of the trial and I’m grateful that they made me wait for the third round of it. Because of that. I defiantly won’t be getting a placebo.

May first 2016

I’ve been planning and preparing for my next big career moves. And the time to share it with you is nearly here.  This excites me. Can’t you tell!?

April 2016

Anything shared in the world for free. Isn’t allowed to be shared in a paid source only without direct permission from it’s originator.

July and August 2015

1. All of this month and part of July I’ve been getting serious medical care.




Posted June 20th I recently received about 3 days ago my computer (chrome book) back. It worked 1 or two days and they sent me a bran new one no extra. But today I go to turn it on and it won’t due anything or turn on. Really!? This is CRAZY. HP was supposed to improve dramatically since my last HP computer that I owned yrs ago that was a complete lemon. No really. It was recalled as like there worst lab top in HP history. Keep in mind, I have never had enough money to buy my own computer at a cost that would demand no nonsense like this. This isn’t fair.

My trip down south in May left me with tons to do at a house with no access to wifi. It didn’t work. Therefore while gone. That’s why you didn’t see me post. 🙁

A couple days ago I had to send my only computer chrome book into the tech mail out location as well. For the same keyboard issue as before. Hopefully, I’ll get it back permanently fixed this time in about a week or so.

I have done 8/9 inspirational ASD people already. If you haven’t found them all yet scroll to page 2-4 and check my other two blogs. I’ll do only a few more. Though I know several more then that.


My parents bought me my first iPhone ever it’s 16 gig I bites so, I have that to change over too, adapt too ect. I’ve had an I touch but, never a smartphone of any kind. And off course accessories and an extra warranty is on me despite my first paycheck (Since working last October) was last Friday and under 150$ likely under 100 too. At my very part time (usually occasional job.)  My pay checks were never over about 200 a month except in Dec. and usually around 150$ a month paid once in the month. Luckily,  next month the hope is I’ll get two of them.

Keep in mind I can’t work full time right now and am still recovering. And my commuting, and food costs to and from work are on me and far from cheap.  I pay all of my commuting costs myself and some of my food costs.  And that’s on a transportation discount for those with disabilities. 

My brother is getting married with my soon to be sister in law next weekend. I leave for North Carolina this Thursday for it. And return next Tuesday from it’s celebrations.   Exciting. Yes?   

UPDATE is NOT done. Read below. 

I’m finishing April before starting May posts.  Please see April’s updates. Atleast that was my intention. 

An update about my functioning change due to medicine changes/ trails is next. And what I’ll try to do about it to get this months minimal blogs goals done. Have you noticed I’m finally caught up now? I’ll also share how I’m going to try to deal with it. 

May 28th I will hopefully start a trial of a new medicine or dosaging plan of an old old medicine I use to take for atleast the most helpful current medication I’m currently on. Meaning it’s 1/ more substitute pills.  If I don’t. I’ll bearly function till I start one. 🙁 If your confused, skip done 2-3 paragraphs below. 

  Because of the above I’m going to try my hardest to do/ complete all my ASD Inspiration people posts  (Atleast 10) before the 28 th. the rest of the last of my outline, will have to complete when I can get to it. Who knows when. 

This next bit- would be on my non toxic blog if the formatting and theme were better. 

Due to health insurance just changing for me some and my medicine costs kinda rising..  No later then next month atleast one of my medicines is changing. The one for my hypersomnia.   To make my Meds more affordable. It is very unlikely that the trial med/ new one (ones) will be as helpful for me as the one I currently am on. This will effect my life all around a lot. Not just the trial periods or dosing adjustment period. 

 The medicine for that diagnose that I currently take makes a HUGE positive difference in my life. 


1. just now I published a march post I recommend you  go check out under March. The title has in it Autism Digest among other words. It has many ASD inspirations. Women specific too!

2. Look below the top posts in April. I start and publicly draft publish posts before I complete public publishing of non drafted versions of those posts. So, after months end I can, have, and will sometimes publish new posts.  In April I have defiantly done this. And will more in the future. 

March 2016

My April’s posting plan post . For ASD month, it is greatly edited and I added 4 more weeks too! Check it out for it’s details. 

My iPad ‘s lack of memory ( not the kind you can buy more of with out a new device replacement. 🙁  ) is still making the speed and accuracy of posting nearly impossible most of the time .  And take FOrEvER. .

2.  I’m trying hard to deliver an awesome Autism awareness month for you u all next month . But, between technology , and my health this isn’t easy. 

3. My computer is going to the shop on Tuesday. It’s a mail in tech support deal. The keyboard needs replacing. 

4.  I have/ will be updating my newer blogs a lot two- lately. / Soon. Some of the posts I’m certain many of you will appreciate.

Feb update 2016

I changed- a little of my diagnoses page, at the very end of it.

Update, after each section is a different, older posted in some cases, update. 


“In the US, ABLE Act” post is updated now, since it’s been signed into law now. 


I made new, important, updates, to the positive, Aspie book series post.  


The critical aspie update only (Meaning THIS paragraph only,  should be read  bye critical Aspies only, or those who irritate or get in patient quickly.) my newest posts shouldn’t be read buy you immediately or sometimes soon after I post whatever. Because sometimes, I edit them after posting. And you’ll get either really annoyed rereading whatever. Or will not get the most out of the post. For my blogs. This should be considered normal protocol for you, for all of them. Obviously, you want the best version,  and only need to read it once correct? Thanks for reading! 

Section 2 UPDATED as of 12/23/2014 

Within the next month or two tops.  I’m defiantly going to start 2 more blogs. (To be Aspie Specific, there sub domains)  I’ve already started planning for there setup. A small number of the posts on this blog, and some from my other current blog (disabilityadvocate1) will be transferred over to these 2 new blogs. And off course I’ll add new posts to them both as well. 

1 of these upcoming blogs, overall , will be about non toxic living or just healthy living. That one will defiantly be more geared towards people with disabilities, diseases, or long term illness. 

The second upcoming blog will be for mostly conference notifications. 

Section 3

  Next year,  I’m planning on going back to school part time.  To become a health coach. 

Section 4 

   I have other bran new updates – however, there more related to my Sensory Blog, so go on and check them out on it’s update page over there. 

Section 5

I just got a bran new Chromebook! This helps me help you all better now two, which makes me VERY happy. I love how easy getting use to it is compared to most computers. It’s speed is sweet too. I haven’t had any computer for yrs though. And never a chromebook. So, I still have to get use too things.

Some of my fav. reasons of having it.1. less Library Sensory issues!
2. the battery
3. the speed
4. learning more programs so, I can recommend or not more things, more confidently.
5. no memory problems it has USB ports!
6. cheaper additional memory options
7. A real keyboard! and the option for a mouse!
8. I can do stuff only a computer can now. Key for blogs, e-mail lists, complete e-mail organization and deleting, website development-without pestering others to do stuff for me.

And more!

PS. I already had a portable DVD/CD player and screen combo.

Aren’t you happy for me?!

Section 6
My IPad is up to date now too!
Section 7
A little over a month ago, I posted a post called something like,  “what I consider HF. ” or “what is HF? “.  One thing that I stated in it was that at first Temple Grandin didn’t see me as such. After more thought I have realized now I was probably mistaken. And here’s why.
Like most, I have only seen her at some conferences/ talks she has presented at. And the first time I did. After she spoke there was a brief Q and A. And on Temple’s request the organizers in the beginning of the talk provided everyone with an index card to write any question we may have for her on it during her talk. At the end they’d collect them and she’d answer as many as she could. After she repeats the question for the audience. I had 1/2 questions I wrote on index card. I didn’t clarify that 1 person the person could have stood for was me, on the index card. Her answer indicated what I stated in that post. Which was she felt I was then not all that HF.  She could not identify me well, if at all, from the stage. Later that day. When I met her 1 on 1 and got her business number in one of the books she signed for me. We spoke a little bit. At hello, she had, and even said aloud to me that she had a very hard time recognizing that I had a disability at all. I remember clearly she said “are you sure?” After I told her, I was like her, I’m on the spectrum.  At some point in that conversation I asked her what type of person did you see me as at first? She says,  “I was just going to ask you, who did you come here to get support for ?”.  Another words, she thought I was wasn’t disabled at all.  And she was being VERY serious. I just assured her I was on the spectrum. And we continued talking till the security people forced my goodbye to move the signature line along.
     I have seen her like I said, since then. And we’ve talked more after that too. Anyway, that’s the truth of what happened. And I thought that should be shared with anyone who chose to read that post. Thanks for reading. And sorry for any misunderstanding my (Mistake?) may have caused.