Two Very Successful Aspies

Do you know two young adult Aspies who without related psychology degrees have made a VERY well off living for themselves? Aspies who have now teamed up now with some other adults with ASD, parents, and professionals to inspire and support parents, care givers, and HF autistics (Especially those who were, are, or would have been categorized as Aspies, like them). The programs that Danny Raede and Hayden Mears have put together are mainly for children, teens, caregivers, and other professionals that work with HF, speaking, autistics. However, they just opened a parent support group that invites other Aspies for a fee (Currently 9$ a month the cheapest price I’ve ever seen any of there programs at) to join, to help the parents, caregivers, and perhaps other adults like themselves.

Although Danny also has ADD there trainings seam to focus mostly on helping Aspies so, if you have co-morbid issues not everything will apply to you/ your child. Or sometimes you may need a somewhat different mindset or approach on the caregivers side. With so many free Facebook support groups and other supports for parents (Some of which are cheaper, live/ online but, off Facebook) I’m not sure you need to join it. This is coming from someone who remembers knows many of these free and live group setups VERY well. The live ones sometimes have fees. But that’s only ONE of there several programs.

Although I don’t love or agree with ALL of there advice or how they do things. And I’ve participated in a few of there free calls (Only available to subscribers at limited times) Watched all there U-tube videos, read about there previous programs, and will be even watching one of their DVD’S shortly. The Thriving Fundamentals DVD. I’ve been on there list over a year now.

Some of their programs are off the market now, and they’ll be coming out with at least 1/2 other new offerings soon. Some of there older programs they’ve now taken off the market to meet demand. There adaptability and willingness to change on there part should be admired. (Something we’re rarely if ever naturally strong in). So, there ability to admit there not the only needed experts (Now that they bring in others too) is also something I was hoping to see from them. And I’ve seen that now, even if only just a little. Which is also important. Partly only a little because I haven’t afforded or had much time to commit to there paid programs.

Asperger’s Experts which is there head titles, programs name. Has changed countless of futures for the better. They aren’t just surviving. But, personally have been thriving very well for years now with an awesome company mission. And for that, there inspirational.

Go to the below URL’s or u tube and search asperger experts for more about them.

Go here to see most of there current programs.

Go here for there homepage.

There Facebook exclusive community with Live calls & More!

Some, of what’s offered in this group is also offered to others who have paid for other products of theirs/ who joined their Springboard Group. I will try this out in the future for you all if the price per month doesn’t increase.

Extra help- I don’t have to love or even like everything about anyone (Or any organization- to find value in there work.) Or to see It’s inspiration factor. You shouldn’t either.

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