The U.S. Law, expectation, and individuals responsibility

So, these are federal rights and responsibilities of disabled adults/ those that care for them.  Unlike my previous responsibilities post. This one focuses more on the role of those that care for us. And it also briefly is here to help the individual acknowledge and hopefully understand the role(s) they or their support systems need and have for them. This is regardless of if they have an adult guardian or not. And regardless of if they are independent on their own tax forms. More about those things another time. Here are atleast some of these laws for US citizens. In my opinion, and I’m sure I’m not alone with this. Any country that DOESN’T already also have these. Needs to seriously add them to there agenda to make into law. ASAP.

This is TRUE FOR EVERY adult human, who lives in, the good old USA.  If your in prison OR so disabled/ Ill you must be confined to a bed, you are the exception. However, it’s often more challenging to see that it applies to the disabled. Especially for an NT. Therefore, to spread awareness, and to advocate for us. Here we go.  Ready? 

For those that care and the individual, that everyone must have atleast 5 days a weeks somewhere outside of the home to go. To preferably work at in some capacity.  Get in the community, and give back.
     Why else, do think there is elderly day community centers?  For those with disabilities, only sometimes some of the reasoning is now the same as this. And trust me, I can get how insulting, this can be perceived as. 
 For the individual, How otherwise will you feel like you have dignity. Or feel respected?  Also, what else will strive you to be your best? And a significant other, as a reason buy itself. Is a VERY bad alternative reply to this. 

For those that care To have some spending money – 
For the individual, you MAY have more/some if you don’t work. However, this is evolving/ changing as we speak. 

 For those that care,  To pay for their own living expenses (But, NOT to spend all there money on them).  Regardless of if it’s from employment,  section 8, DDD, SSD, parents, or any combination of the above, among possibly others.  And for the individual  Doesn’t it then go without saying? -this includes living independently from there parents.   
For the individual, How can you completely achieve any of this living with Mommy and Daddy still? 

For those that care, If work doesn’t provide this, to have a social avenue/opportunities with peers.  Preferably have both, and separately.  
For the individual,  This is DEFIANTLY reduced if not forbidden if still living at home.

For those that care, To Love who you want, when, and how.
For the individual,  Provided it’s mutual, done with common sense, and most importantly, done with DIGNITY.   This is uncomfortable at best, if still living at home. 

For those that care, To have their own health coverage if they need it, want it,/ have no better option. After all, there an adult, correct? 
For the individual, Sometimes, (for now) staying on your parents coverage will give you, your best health. 

For those that care,  To lead the closest to a typical (And YOUR best life) as possible, despite financial status, food intolerances/ allergies, sensory issues, or anything else.  Also, regardless of any parental convenience. It’s NOT about convenience. It’s about what makes you have a fair and happy life. 
For the individual, If you don’t live in a populated enough area. One with strong disability/NT services that are right for you. This is nearly impossible/ if not sadly ignorantly even noticed as existent, if you live in the wrong parts of the country. 

For those that care, To own nice things,  Examples could be a car, computer, tablet, jewelry, ect. 
For the individual, if you can appreciate and use them wisely. 

For those that care, To keep or purchase anything with their own spending money,  that THEY want. 
For the individual, Regardless of anyone else’s like or approval of it. With very few exceptions. Exceptions could be/ are a gun, drugs,  pet (If you live in a rental apartment with no pet policy), or candles. 

For those that care, To allow for as much adult control over our life’s, for ourselves, as possible. 
For the individual,  If your around Toxicity of ANY kind, get away from it AS FAST AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN. 

All of this and more, proves. In the US. Being healthy isn’t always about your ability to independently survive on your own. (Not that that doesn’t help, especially when your disabled) It’s about being the BEST you can be, and challenging those around you, to do the same. It’s about everyone being as healthy, happy, and free as they can be. And getting FAIR treatment. Which often doesn’t mean, the same treatment, or the same expectations, of us. 

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