The Bachelorette, season 11. Interest me? And if so, why?

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season (Season 11) has interested me for sure mainly cause she’s the first female Aspie who stars as the lead on the Bachelorette. And because she brought Nick onto it who’s also an Aspie she naturally has GREAT chemistry with. Neither whom anyone suggests or states they have ASD or Asperger’s. However, I KNOW for sure they BOTH are. Infact, Nick, I knew had Asperger’s back in his first season with Andy Dorfman season 10 where he made it to the finale and placed as the runner up. Sharing at the After the final rose episode that he and Andy made LOVE in the couple sweet and trying hard to cope with her decision to not have him as her forever. In the Men Tells ALL episode ( prior to the Finale and the after the Final rose episode) Nick shows up trying to win Andi back ( Spoiling who she ends up with in the final episode)

What don’t I love about this season and the show series as a whole? I hate most of Kaitlyn’s date activities (At least thus far) . I mean her first 1 on 1 was with a guy she had no real special connection with and she took him on an underwater photo shoot in VERY DRESSY attire. This is usually only done with people who are engaged ONLY. And then there were 2 wrestling dates ( 1 was Sumo wrestling with males wearing nothing except things that look like thung Diapers if you ask me. On grown MEN none the less! A rap battle with a gay guy ( Who openly admitted he was gay on national TV) still in the mix was just pathetic!

I don’t love a number of the male contestants or the massive amount of drama this season has dished out. Especially considering that the show producers encourage blowing up conflict and possibilities out of imperfection. Sometimes when it doesn’t even exist. This drama is far from entertaining or interesting to me. Making this season not nearly as enjoyable for me then many other seasons of the Bachelor or Bachelorette.

This season including two gay men have more disabled adults then ANY previous season however. Almost as many as the number of episodes in the season. Can you tell who the third Aspie in this season is? ( There’s at least three)? Or can you tell who all the ADHD/LD contestants are?

This season also addresses (Or reviews for me) the great ASD with ASD nearly magical connection only available between two aspies. And for that. I’m staying tuned in.

For parents- this season is particularly NOT child friendly no matter the week for the most part.

Last week, (I hope) finally stopped the bad dates. Meaning the dates last week weren’t awful. And the last two weeks some guys she desperately needed to say goodbye to finally left. This week, I’m glad that will continue as well. And no, I didn’t share all the bad date activities above either.

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