Speaking through Art

Do you know of an AWESOME artist who is a non-verbal 14 year old, who speaks through her art? I do! Her name is Candy Waters, and she has beautiful red hair. Her work has been sold to art exhibits and inspire many.

Her mom Sandy Waters leads a great all around Sensory Processing Facebook group, where you can see far more of Candy’s pieces. As well as be invited to free Autism radio sessions her mom often hosts or puts together. Her mom expects a published book out this summer too.

Want to see what Candy has to say? Well, joining the Sensory Processing Facebook community her mom runs is one great way. But to start. Check out this entire short utube video called “Candy Waters Autism Song titled Eternally.” Candy Waters Autism Art Work page on Facebook is another great place to visit. Her work is uplifting, colorful, and liked buy at least thousands. Won’t you join me in liking her page?

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