Some of my diagnosis’s

My name actually means “Helper of Man-kind”. Neat right? I strive to always be that till the day I die. I promise you that.

Well, I have about 21 diagnosis’s. Here are some of them. I promise none of the others are skitzophrenia, diabetes, serious depression, bipolar, dyscalculia, hyperactivity, or anything that will defiantly currently kill me.

Dyslexia, (Know, in my book that means far more then the challenge to naturally encode, decode, and quickly learn spelling when your young.) Dys means difficulty with., lex means words, ia means you have it. Did you know that!? Now you do!

ASD ( Autistic Spectrum Disorder) but, I prefer Aspie thank you very much! Do you?

PSD Processing Sensory Disorder. ( Yes, I know that’s not in the DSM),

vaso-vagal syncope, (it basically means I’ve passed out too much, in my case, it’s neurologically based due to my PSD partially). That’s my latest diagnosis. Diagnosed this yr., however, my passing out started, in my late 20’s. I’ve past out about 12 times thus far, from my re-collection.

Roscia (mild due to my life style and sensory friendly products ONLY) , if you have this PLEASE check out my sensorysolutions blog. I will post more specifically about Roscia, on it in the future. However, a fair amount of that blog already applies to you. 

excema (But, you’d never know),

hyper-insomnia ( don’t worry, I take daily meds for this)

ADD- Attention Deficit Disorder,

Dysgraphia in my mind I’ve often just connected it with Dyslexia to be honest, with some of the added sensory issues if you don’t have anything else that covers them. Now, I’m starting to see them more separately. I’ll add a link about this soon enough.

mildly nearsighted (I have transitional glasses and contacts, but don’t always need either.) I prefer my glasses however.

IBS (Irratible Bowel Syndrome and GERD (Also known as Acid Reflux)