Societies rules to live buy

When interacting with Disabled adults with HF capabilities you/ they MUST (Meaning adult NT’s)-

Give us freedom
Gives us guidance when needed
Expect we need more guidance sometimes and be glad to help
Allow us to grow up
Recognize, sometimes, despite any acceptace of a disability you must allow us to fall, ( / fail) sometimes. And ours could be bigger mess ups.
Allow sex, and with whom whoever we choose
Recognize sometimes you must help us even when we don’t request, accept, or want help.
Provide the basics for us when we can’t for ourselves.
Be strong role models.
Recognize, rules that apply to all. Don’t always apply to us. And know which do or don’t and why or why not.
Appreciate any new or different set(s) of rules that DO apply for us.

If you have your own issues, deal with them first. They should NEVER affect us negativly. And will make you individually and as a role model, a better person for it.

Accept diagnosis’s, a number of issues, or society norms, don’t always equal functioning levels. And levels of functioning within any adult can differ greatly among different skill sets within the same person. So, for example, someone can be moderatly disabled in social life skills and genuis level at work. And neither functioning level alone equalls that persons overall ability to function, when at there best.

NORMAL shouldn’t even be in your vocabularly, unless your appyling for services or figting for an appropriate education.

What is convenient for you? Should NEVER, EVER, cross your mind. The better question is,

How can I support this person in a way they’ll accept, and will make you BOTH the most AMAZING team togeather? Or independently.

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