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Realabilities is a Film, art, and film shorts Festival, now in 13 US cities, that is meant to bring education and awareness about those living with a variety of different disabilities, and handicaping conditions. Currently, the largest, is in NYC and is a little over a week long. It does have sometime’s a couple of events that aren’t film related. Like Music for Autism, a Dance performance highligting atleast 1 character with a disability, or a script reading. And all of the films have discussions after it, with leading characters from them, or their film directors, talking about it, and answering questions from the audience. Most of the films and discussions are free. While some you pay for. But, with the exception of the finale and opening night events. Even those with a cost. Aren’t more then an expensive movie ticket per person, max. And the paid events or showings, are often shown elsewhere for free.

Depending on the city your closest too or visiting, determines the week, and time of the year it occurs for you. For example, NJ’s is in mid November, but, NYC’s is in the beginning of March each year. The events are at several locations and times through out the week.

I went this past March to numerous films and shorts shown throughout NYC. Partly to prepare, to recommend it all to you if I liked it. This past March. And I defiantly recommend it!

This coming March, I will defiantly attend again, if there are events I haven’t seen yet. Of any interest to me. And I’m sure there will be! They switch it up I hear, yearly. Maybe, the dance performance or the music event next year if they have either again. I wanted too go to them previously but, had schedule conflicts.

Although I recommend attending, or atleast looking into, the one closest to you. One thing, I felt (And I know, I’m not the only one who felt this way) it lacked, was strong films with people with HF, but significant, LD’s. Like Dyslexia, and ADHD. They covered autism a little, and bipolar (Although that topic, I hope I can see a good film on in 2015 at the festival! I couldn’t this yr, due to other film conflicts.) Alot of there events higlighted visible disabilities. I wish there were more strong, Invisible Disabilities, covered.

Anyway, expect more posts on these festivals in the future. But, for more info on all the films, and festivals. Go here before you forget! Pittsburg’s starts today, Minneapolis St. Paul’s is coming up very shortly. Followed buy NJ’s mid next month. Depending on your situation, where you live, and the location that works best for you. You may want to plan a vacation, visit, around one. Especially, NYC’s!

I’ll link the URL later today. Enjoy!

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  1. I do believe I may reread this post a couple times. Great information!

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