Performing Arts for Neuro-typicals

Drama for people with ASD, can be life changing in numerous ways. But, drama where everyone in the cast is Neuro-typical and paid for their work. That can be the most supportive, and rewarding environment for us. A company that trains and showcases this community exclusively is unique to say the least. And now there is one! It’s in NYC’s, the Home of Broadway! It’s called Epic Players. I highly recommend you check them out here Have You heard of them?

If you check out the Epic Players or have seen any of there work please share that in the comments below. What did you see that they did? Do you wish you could see this group// be part of it? If you don’t live in or near NYC and can’t go to to see them especially. Where you live is there an equivalent? If so, please share it with a link to there website in the comments below. Tell us what you think of it. If not, share why you might like to see a company like this in an area closer to you.

This post isn’t only to bring awareness to this company. To show the impact of theater on our population. But, also to spark comments and hopeful conversation in the comments below. So, please don’t be shy.

I have now seen there Little Shop Of Horrors Production. And attended a fundraiser they performed in. The Musical was allot of fun to watch. You can really see the company is quite a special family.