Brian King Joseph

Brian King Joseph makes time for his dreams at a cost. Hoping to live life to the fullest! And sharing his talent with the world.  Have you seen this yet? Do you know why pursuing his dreams is risky? Do you live your best life? Let him help inspire you!  Won’t you? I’m certainly rooting Read More

AGT 2018 Comedian

Have you met yet Samual Comroe? He is proud of his difference. Are you proud of yours, yet? This guys Tourette Syndrome seriously will make him famous and HILARIOUS! This is a MUST WATCH      Do you think he deserved a golden buzzer for this?   Comment below answering that question after watching his audition video Read More

BGT Finalist Calum Courtney

Calum Courtney at 10 year olds is a great singer who creates his own versions to songs. Have you ever heard him and  seen him on BGT this year!? Even if just on utube if you don’t live in Britain.  I’m so glad he made it as a finalist ! Aren’t you?  Did I mention, Read More

PLEASE be different!

Do you or anyone think people with HF and neurological/neuro-biological conditions need fixing!?  I can guarantee you the worlds most popular show that aired live in Britain this year AGREE. We ARE NOT Broken. Were special!  Not only that. But, MANY NT’s LOVE us and what we stand for. They SAY PLEASE be different!   So Read More

2018 Britain AGT Finalists

Have you seen on TV/Utube/HULU   This years Britain AGT Finalists? If you have a disability, or have a loved one with certain disabilities. You need to see at least 3 of them. TWO made the final two.   But, there ALL inspiring.  Learn who were the top two below.   Then check some of my other posts Read More

Darius Mc Collum’s Story On a website!

While watching the documentary and trailer are important.   A review of his story can be seen on this next link.  This is also here for those of you who truly can’t watch the documentary. Maybe your deaf/blind/ just don’t have 90 minutes to watch  it. No problem! Your covered here!

Darius Mc Collum’s Important Story

If you can. PLEASE watch this. It’s an hour and 30 minutes and for 2.99 TOPS it’s totally worth your time. It’s called Off The Rail.  Then select the DOC CLUB FREE TRIAL if its not already selected.   A play is/ was created based off this as well. It’s crucial to be informed to make Read More

Supporting Darius McCollum

To follow my previous post About Darius Mc Collum. In case you missed his support  link in that post.   Please use this one. To support Darius Mc Collum please go HERE NOW.   THANK YOU!

Darius McCollum – Doesn’t belong

Have you ever watched this trailer  ?   If you haven’t seen it yet. PLEASE DO! If your short on time read the next two paragraphs and the link Micheal Carly shares with you below it. Otherwise, you may want to skip these next two paragraphs and then go straight to the e-mail I copied for Read More

Merrick Hannah’s AGT Compilation of Acts

Here is the first 3 performances Merrick Hannah did for AGT. Before the Semi finals. It also shares judge comments, competitors reactions,  and some of  his narratives. I seriously recommend you click play at least once and watch this in it’s entirety.    And he is NOT a Finalist! Are you kidding me america?

Merrick Hanna’s first major TV audition

Was actually NOT for America’s Got Talent (AGT), Season 13! Do you know what show it WAS for? It was for a show where being unique and mega talented isn’t celebrated in the same kinda of way as AGT  and other countries Got Talent shows, is KNOWN for- WORLD wide.  AGT really opens it’s arm Read More

Best Act of Semi Finals week 2?

Merrick Hanna according to Simon and Me was the best act last Tuesday night at the Semi Finals. In my opinion this season he places in 2 nd-4th place out of all the Acts. Did you watch/hear his story? How can you NOT love this boy? I’m very disappointed that if he’s not a judge Read More

AGT, 13- Top 10 Finalists (Video Post version)

America’s Got Talent Semi Finals were done over 2/3 shows so, the video you can access below is of the 10 finalists  acts shown over the course of a couple weeks doing there last acts on the Live Shows.  Please Note- Evie Claire’s father has passed so she might not be in the Finale coming Read More

AGT Finalists

America’s Got Talent Season 12 has been the best season for the show in it’s history. And likely better then all previous season’s of the show in all other countries. I’ve watched ALLOT of utube videos of winners and top contestants/ acts from the shows season’s aired in other countries as well.  India, Holland, France, Read More

Do you need Savant Syndrome and ASD?

Sean in the upcoming tv show, The Good Doctor among others (Many of whom have ASD) have Savant Syndrome. However, most in society weather they have ASD or not. Don’t have Savant Syndrome.  I’m pointing this out to show partly how Sean’s character can thrive and exist in this upcoming promising show.  I’m not saying Read More

“The Good Doctor”

From the creator’s of the award winning show House. Comes a new show out this fall on ABC, called “The Good Doctor”.   The lead plays a surgeon with Asperger’s and Savant syndrome.   It will air on Mondays after the famous Dancing With The Stars debut of there next season starting next September.   Read More

Nick Daniels

Have you noticed how people with certain HF disabilities or in this situation differences thrive in the performing arts?  Nick Daniels is no exception.  Nick Daniels like many gifted performers used/uses dance as a way to cope with a major emotional hurdle in life. And now he’s gone even further with his talents. Which you Read More

Fik Shun- The super star

Fik Shun started his career’s stardom status on So You Think You Can Dance in 2013. And as only trained in street performring he had ALLOT to learn that season. How’d he do!? He won the entire Season! Then he went to be a main in the house mentor for future contestants on “So You Read More

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