Owen Suskind and “Life Animated”

Ron Suskind is Owen’s Suskind’s father. Yes , the Pulitzer prize , award winning journalist, and multiple best seller type. He is well off, and super smart. But this is about Owen, (Not his father) and the struggle his family had with him growing up. At the age of 3 yrs old Owen, stopped speaking. He has progressive Autism. However, he speaks now. He is 22/23 yrs of age, has his own utube channel, a girlfriend, and went to “college”. Infact, looking at him. He looks, nearly normal. But, as we know. Looks can be misleading.

How’d he start to speak again? Ever hear of Disney therapy? Or the book his father wrote, Life Animated ? Owen, may seam like he lives for Disney films. But, does he really? He loves talking as the characters in them! 

This URL has the longest, free story, I could find for you all. All the videos I watched and websites I read about Owen lacked a lot of substance leaving me wanting more.


I have NEVER read, watched, or heard. Anything like this before. The quote If you’ve met 1 person with Autism, you’ve met only 1 person with Autism. Certainly rings true here. Yet, they made a project and website to allow others to share there similiar stories. If there ARE more of you with progressive Autism PLEASE share through the project created via this website.


This last website also has a short video about Owen with his father beside him, and tells you about the book, “Life Animated” that he and his parents wrote.

At the bottom of this page you can see the latest Owen and his parents news.



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