My other blogs and how to contact me

I have 4 blogs now. (2 are new, as of Feb 2015) the older two are- 

This one which is

It’s sub domain is,  

Which will have atleast a couple in person conferences as well. The online ones are obviously the only ones temporarily free. 


The second is somewhat in transition now due to it’s new, sub-domain.  But, focuses on Sensory Processing Disorder, hypersensitivities (Like being heat sensitive, and IBS,) as well as Autism closely, related posts. It may, or may not keep, the MCS, Environmental Illness specific posts. If it doesn’t. Those posts will transfer to the nontoxic4 us blog. 

This blogs sub-domain is-

You can always contact me at as well. I love hearing from you (However, please make sense in any e-mail you send me) and include a relevant subject. Make sure you tell me which blog(s), you like, and read, as well. 

The Disability Advocate, 

Alexandrea Van Der Tuin