LD and ADHD Awareness Month

   As far as I’m concerned this blog is always LD Awareness Month! Which is great, cause now that Specific Learning Disabilities is a diagnosis in the DSM, it will cover several challenges (Or Learning Disabilities) that defiantly cover the majority of students with special needs. 

   Did you know that Dyslexia, a very common type of LD occurs in 1 to 5 people? It does! 

   Or now that food and air toxins are at all time high, along with societies research on the brain, that more children are getting diagnosed now then ever?   It’s true! As someone with dual learning disabilities, I can defiantly relate to some of this. I’ve even started the glossary in my page section. Partly for this months awareness basics! 
   Expect more to come in the near future, on this blog. About LD’s, I can’t promise to cover them all this month. But, I’ll do my best to try to make some strong posts that can help those with LD’s. Or there support team this month. 

     As someone who has been diagnosed with some learning disabilities. I want to to give those without it some pointers. 
Whatever you do, 

1. please don’t have unrealistic expectations of us. 
2.  NEVER use an ultimatum on our capabilities. 
3. And ALWAYS appreciate even a small effort. Just because something might be typically seen as an expectation. To us, I guarantee you, sometimes, it was A lOT harder for us to do, or in some cases, just try to do. And therefore, that expectation is then a success!  For you to appreciate and notice this (Especially if we’re young, not use to it, or dually diagnosed) would BE HUGE. And can make a BIG difference.  I haven’t met 1 person with a LD who hasn’t needed it. And I’ve met literally HUNDREDS.