Have you met Sydney Burtis?

Last week’s, Season 16, So You Think You Can Dance’s (SYTYCD) latest tv episode introduced to the world a tapper, I hope you’ll want to support her as much as I do! She has her own utube channel and she certainly needs more subscribers. Will she make it to the Academy ? If she does, will she make it to the live shows?

Unlike some previous SYTYCD Season’s there are no choreography rounds to see a contestants ability/lack there of to pick up other genres. To help Judges determine how successful or not an auditioning dancer might be if they made it onto the show. If they had a choreography round I would have liked to see her in it.

As many of you know tapping is typically a solo genre and we are nearly famous for becoming experts in our specialized areas of study. https://youtu.be/EOFl2vqiQRo