Epic Makes 2 major News channels!

Epic Players very fun “Little Shop Of Horrors” wasn’t only done very well. It made both WNYC News and FOX 5 news! Can you see the movement there so awesomely contributing too!? One where disabled actors get more recognition and love in society! The theaters they perform out now are fairly small. But, with the right support/opportunities, we can thrive!

Check out these audios (Neither are long)! 1 has a visual video as well. The actors mentors are often performers too. Can you tell who they are in any videos I linked of the epic players? I could. But, there not always easy to spot.

I think some of the mentors are mildly disabled but aren’t recognized necessarily if at all as such.



https://vimeo.com/343723551 This is under 3 mins and has no article, Just a video clip.