Conclusion to Autism Speaks topic?

Autism speaks within the past month have/are through some major transitions. Atleast partly in how they present them self. Those changes are somewhat excellent. So, if you were part of making that happen. THANK YOU.Other transitions like one of there founders leaving. I’m not sure yet what to think about that.  Change often can be good. But, will see. Hopefully, we’ve inspired them to keep up the good there doing at bear minimum.  Therefore, what this post was going to state no longer can be supported. Or not very well. It was going to wrap up how I initially even started to see the need for this what was going to be a week of posts. 

   But, since the changes are now in effect for Autism Speaks some, I can’t see how to do this any longer fairly and any better then I already have. 

   There was an Autism Cures VS. Autism AWARENESS, VS Autism Acceptance debate or kinda I guess you could say WAR perhaps. It was between certain ASD Org. And mainly ASD HF adults and some of there supporters. There were Boycotts in front of the White House, and more.  The biggest organization they hated was Autism Speaks.  Autism Speaks obviously didn’t speak much to their enemies. (I wasn’t one. But, I never donated to them or majorly supported them either) But, very soon (IF NOT YET). Much of this, will die. 

   So, thankfully, (You have no idea how relived I am of this) the next posts will be on hear and some of my other blogs can finally be Autism Inspirational focused. 

    Ready? I SO AM! 


P. S. This post initially was called who disagrees and why? Meaning with Autism Speaks and similiar minded organizations.