What does it mean to be a Gutsy Women?

Greta Thunberg, Temple Grandin, and Elizabeth Warren in my opinion are gutsy females. Regardless of my political stand point or anyone else’s. However, there are many more Gutsy females both alive and deceased. But, the first most important question, is what makes someone gutsy? And I’ll leave this too these two to tell you. Click Read More

Autistic adults feedback NEEDED

Through June 29th the IACC Strategic Plan Committee Group would appreciate if ASD adults (And those who directly support us) would clearly communicate there needs and knowledge to the IACC (Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee). But, you need to do so buy answering up to 7 questions. Below you’ll see the summary I received from Autism Read More

My Life lately

Why have I posted so little lately?   My health got to levels many of you would call scary awful all of a sudden in JAN. And yes, I was inpatient. Since the beginning of Feb. approximately,  I’ve been trying to heal and reverse my health status, as quickly and in the healthiest manner possible. Read More

My Healthy Living blog

   After seeing how much healthy living content I can easily produce for y’all from partially free sources. And have seen how many online, temporarily, “free conferences”,  I can share with all of you. Not to mention, how much these topics distract me from this blog, my other blogs topics, and my books. I decided Read More

My purpose

Besides what I’ve addressed previously. Like my need to bring awareness, put my own slant to things, and give people with disabilities purpose. My job is also to address the uncomfortable. It’s to force the smaller details to be improved upon. And congratulate when they are. It’s NOT to always be your best friend. Or Read More

Am I Disabled? Or am I Learning Disabled more importantly?

   First off, this obviously isn’t the only post that will address this.  And I don’t care what country you live in. If your country serves the disabled enough, this is true. If it doesn’t. And your asking this, you need to move. This is THAT important.  And as some of you know, I don’t love the Read More

The U.S. Law, expectation, and individuals responsibility

So, these are federal rights and responsibilities of disabled adults/ those that care for them.  Unlike my previous responsibilities post. This one focuses more on the role of those that care for us. And it also briefly is here to help the individual acknowledge and hopefully understand the role(s) they or their support systems need Read More

U.S. Republicans view on the Affordable Care Act

Talking about health care insurance progress in the US, go here for a helpful brief news clip on why and which people (Some of whom are republicans) hate or disapprove of the Affordable Care Act, STILL.   How it’s improving Americans, and eventually the world indirectly. Although it doesn’t talk much about the last sentence. Read More

Why read my blogs?

I’m sure many of you know this. However, if your new. You may not. So, here it is.  I never claim to be an expert in all disabilities. However, here’s some of why,  1. Their are places to get support for most if not all of the disabilities addressed or that will be, on this Read More

Before Obama Care

Before the Affordable Care Act came into place. Tremendous amounts of adult Americans had 1 or more of the following. Oh buy the way, same for the kids too. Except kids received priority check ups at clinics/school if uninsured.  No health care for those who couldn’t afford any. Or who could possibly afford the cheapest Read More