“Free” Donations!?

Are you unable to donate to Hillary Clinton’s campaign but, really want to? She deserves your support no matter your age or financial situation. Don’t you agree? Could it be fun too? If you are a true supporter of hers and can’t donate otherwise. If you can check out the Apple app called, Hillary Runs. Read More

Autistic adults feedback NEEDED

Through June 29th the IACC Strategic Plan Committee Group would appreciate if ASD adults (And those who directly support us) would clearly communicate there needs and knowledge to the IACC (Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee). But, you need to do so buy answering up to 7 questions. Below you’ll see the summary I received from Autism Read More

The Dance number Representing “Love”

Spoiler Alert- For this past Monday’s Dancing with The Stars episode. This past Mondays show on Dancing with Stars. Was my favorite this season yet.  And Tamar being their made it even better.  While watching it at first, I wasn’t sure which dance(s) I was going to highlight on my blogs.  But then it became Read More

Week 7- Season 21, Dancing With the Stars, Halloween Week

This was one of my favorite weeks this season thus far. Thank You Ardem and DWTS to allow Ardem to come help Alek with his Dance last week that was performed this past Monday night. Ardem was there to give him a reality check and pointers. Now, Alek’s is back in the competition! Common Alek! Read More

Dancing With The Stars Week 5-6

Season 21  Switch up week! Week 5 Wasn’t Paula Dean and Mark Ballas’s number entertaining during Switch up week?! I thought it was defiantly my fav. dance of her’s thus far in the competition.  Remember, you can see individual dances of the partners on you tube now! Bindi’s Dance with  Val was pretty great. Did Read More

Dancing With The Stars Season 21

Season 21 of Dancing With the Stars defiantly has some differently minded stars and a couple very creative pros too. Meaning a couple pro’s are also, challenged. I’m so glad Derick’s back. If you ask me. They need some more superb pro’s this season. Like at his level.   Sure all the pros mostly are Read More

10 ASD Inspirations showcased via this video.

  The person they ranked as first I think buy far could be the most interesting. He also helps show how greatly we follow the saying if you’ve met 1 person with ASD, you’ve met 1 person with ASD. Don’t you agree? And do you KNOW how well he’s doing for himself these days?    Read More

Will you help me support him?

Noah Galloway and Shana Burgess have defiantly earned there way in Dancing With The Stars (My fav. Dancer this season, followed buy The Derek Hough and Nastia pairing (Wasn’t there dance on the subway last week just AWESOME?! Totally wasn’t expecting that!) .  But, back to Noah, and the show.     1.  Wow!  Last week Read More