ReelAbilities Shorts NYC 2015

For new reader’s. I have posted a number of other ReelAbilities posts already if your lost. Please read some of them first. The ReelAbilities Film Festival has short or briefer films two  Some prior to a longer movie. Others, put together in one sitting. Here are the ones I saw. Again, if I underlined it- Read More

Want to be part of something GREAT?

ReelAbilities is currently hosted in over a dozen cities throughout the U.S.. Films are submitted from around the world. Over 500 apparently were submitted for this years film line up. I wonder what didn’t make the cut, and why. Don’t you?  The. Films can be in ANY language (They,  or the film production team, just Read More

In the US, the ABLE ACT

Important UPDATE- President Obama signed this! Hurray! It’s about time quality of life is more supported for the disabled. Isn’t it?!  The Autism Society, sent me this to my e-mail today. It’s about a new ACT called the Achieving a Better Life Experience Act or (ABLE).  However, it will help ALL disabled people and there Read More

Stress Relief for parents with Sp. Needs kids.

You might know Julie Morrison as a mom and World wide famous nutritionist, who now trains health professionals in how to to guide their clients/ patients towards the right nutritional choices. Many of whom have challenging special needs, like ASD, ADHD, and skitzophrenia. I mention her a bit on my sensory solutions 1 blog.   Read More

Glossary, level 2. Intro or prep?

This glossary is more advanced then the first in my pages section. Mentioned above. And yes, this makes it just as important as the first.   So, technically if I was allowed anouther page on the site, it should be.  Atleast part of it, is ever evolving as well.  Evolving as I’ll expand on it. Read More

Free, new, Special needs schools in the UK,

The Thames Valley School is one of three, FREE special needs schools in the UK, specifically for ASD students up to the age of 19 years old. The article mostly talks about these three Autistic schools, and how badly schools that cater specifically to this population are especially needed. However, they mention 1 special needs Read More

The U.S. Law, expectation, and individuals responsibility

So, these are federal rights and responsibilities of disabled adults/ those that care for them.  Unlike my previous responsibilities post. This one focuses more on the role of those that care for us. And it also briefly is here to help the individual acknowledge and hopefully understand the role(s) they or their support systems need Read More

UK, caregivers of the disabled

Did you know the UK has a FREE magazine just for caregivers of those with special needs? They do, it’s for the parents of children and teens with complex special needs. They even have a digital version! It’s called, “Connected.” Ever heard of it? I doubt I have, till recently. Want to see there just Read More