Origins from

Origins is a documentary from that I’ve previously posted about I think around a month ago. I also shared there was a free online conference connected too it. Among other things.  Well now, their replaying the movie all this week for free AND the Conference, as well.  There also setting the purchase prices back Read More

Glossary, level 2. Intro or prep?

This glossary is more advanced then the first in my pages section. Mentioned above. And yes, this makes it just as important as the first.   So, technically if I was allowed anouther page on the site, it should be.  Atleast part of it, is ever evolving as well.  Evolving as I’ll expand on it. Read More

Before Obama Care

Before the Affordable Care Act came into place. Tremendous amounts of adult Americans had 1 or more of the following. Oh buy the way, same for the kids too. Except kids received priority check ups at clinics/school if uninsured.  No health care for those who couldn’t afford any. Or who could possibly afford the cheapest Read More

Marketplace, Affordable Care Act, or Obama Care health coverage

If medicare/medicaid won’t cover you. And you live in the USA. Regardless of disability, based only on income. Marketplace health care (Otherwise known as Obama Care) will now give every american who financially qualifies, health care. Some of whom, haven’t had health care for decades. Some, might have coverage but, it stinked too. Now, Obama Read More