Origins from

Origins is a documentary from that I’ve previously posted about I think around a month ago. I also shared there was a free online conference connected too it. Among other things.  Well now, their replaying the movie all this week for free AND the Conference, as well.  There also setting the purchase prices back Read More

Did you know that not ALL organics are antibiotic FREE?

     In the USA, until about October 15, 2014. Many ORGANIC pears and apples had been sprayed with antibiotics. I’d link a supporting article but, I’m not allowed (sorry). Want to know anouther thing that is organic with antiobiotics in it STILL? I have made personally, phone calls to back it up and verify Read More

Are you inflamed but, not know it?

   Until I was tested (Like most), I didn’t know of every food, that inflammed my entire body. From my head to my feet, NOT just my intestines/ digestive track. With everything else going on, and societies influences and expectations. How could you? That is partly why, you need to check out this collage I Read More

Digestion Session Pre-launch packages

If you haven’t yet registered for the Digestion Sessions yet. Great News! You still can, it won’t start till this Sunday! To register, scroll below for either posts. 1. The Causes of Intestinal Permeability 2. Who would travel the country for you? Currently on page two. Now onto this posts, topic! – Owning the Digestion Read More

The causes of Intestinal permeability

The most likely causes of intestinal permeability for those with ASD, ADHD, or PSD, I believe is issues with Candida, Gluten intolerance (GI), or environmental toxicity. Some or a combo of most of those can cause IBS (Irratible Bowel Syndrome) or inflammatory bowel disease. This is because those with these conditions have weaker immunities, sensory Read More

Who would travel the country for you? –

(Continued from the title above) to provide you with top notch functional medicine knowledge regarding everyone’s digestion? Sean Croxton has, and starting on November 9th, will be hosting for 14 days a bran new, free, online video based conference, on intestinal permeability, digestion, and how to solve it! It’s called, the “Digestion Sessions”. And as Read More