Performing Arts for Neuro-typicals

Drama for people with ASD, can be life changing in numerous ways. But, drama where everyone in the cast is Neuro-typical and paid for their work. That can be the most supportive, and rewarding environment for us. A company that trains and showcases this community exclusively is unique to say the least. And now there Read More

“Free” Donations!?

Are you unable to donate to Hillary Clinton’s campaign but, really want to? She deserves your support no matter your age or financial situation. Don’t you agree? Could it be fun too? If you are a true supporter of hers and can’t donate otherwise. If you can check out the Apple app called, Hillary Runs. Read More

Crucial Info For Our Future

January 31 the New York Times editorial board gave their full endorsement for democratic presidential candidate to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. That article seeks to FAIRLY educate the public about our future, our presidential candidates positions, and do it without being unduly biased to any one ideology or candidate.   Therefore, they sought to Read More

International Day of Person’s With Disabilities

Hi Guys! Check this out! I got it in my e-mail today! I love the sub-themes mentioned in paragraph 1. Don’t you? USICD and Friends Celebrate the 2015 International Day of Persons with Disabilities   Theme for 2015: Inclusion Matters: Access and Empowerment for People of All Abilities USICD staff, board, and members join the Read More

The Dance number Representing “Love”

Spoiler Alert- For this past Monday’s Dancing with The Stars episode. This past Mondays show on Dancing with Stars. Was my favorite this season yet.  And Tamar being their made it even better.  While watching it at first, I wasn’t sure which dance(s) I was going to highlight on my blogs.  But then it became Read More

Dancing With The Stars Week 5-6

Season 21  Switch up week! Week 5 Wasn’t Paula Dean and Mark Ballas’s number entertaining during Switch up week?! I thought it was defiantly my fav. dance of her’s thus far in the competition.  Remember, you can see individual dances of the partners on you tube now! Bindi’s Dance with  Val was pretty great. Did Read More

Free Sp. Needs Magazines

These magazines have digital and sometimes slick magazine, physical versions. Some highlight mostly certain countries services. And 1 is only a slick magazine. I cannot tell you I recommend them (I’m sorry, I only have so much time in a day). However,  these I visually skimmed info about them and the publishers that create them. Read More

Handicapped Dancer on Dancing with the Stars!

Do you watch the American Dancing With the Stars? This season I heard, maybe it’s last. Do you know who Noah Galloway is?  If not, you really should. Especially, if you have a physical handicap that makes you either have no fully working limbs. Or your missing some. Learn more about Noah’s full story.  Buy the way, Read More

UK. Horror?

Do any of you get this current UK goverment support to live semi to completely independently?  If yes, How are you and your supports planning for it, for your survival?    Sadly, the UK, is in the start of there recession now.  Remember ours a couple years ago?  As your advocate, I’m going to do Read More