Special Needs Trusts

On Qoura I just was one of 3 responders to a question about obtaining gaining benefits and a special needs Trust.- I highly recommend you read the question(s) and it’s answers. And feel free to follow me on there./ Request my answer to any of your questions concerning anything I know about. 😉 via PressSync

Am I Disabled? Or am I Learning Disabled more importantly?

   First off, this obviously isn’t the only post that will address this.  And I don’t care what country you live in. If your country serves the disabled enough, this is true. If it doesn’t. And your asking this, you need to move. This is THAT important.  And as some of you know, I don’t love the Read More

South Africa, disability, and growth slightly updated (Towards the end.)

Poverty can very significantly increase anyone’s persons disability level. Infact, people with no disabilities can become disabled only due to most of the things mentioned in this paragraph. Environment also plays a huge factor as well. Environment is not only what you eat, who you surround your self with, and what resources exist around you. Read More