ReelAbilities Shorts NYC 2015

For new reader’s. I have posted a number of other ReelAbilities posts already if your lost. Please read some of them first. The ReelAbilities Film Festival has short or briefer films two  Some prior to a longer movie. Others, put together in one sitting. Here are the ones I saw. Again, if I underlined it- Read More

Want to be part of something GREAT?

ReelAbilities is currently hosted in over a dozen cities throughout the U.S.. Films are submitted from around the world. Over 500 apparently were submitted for this years film line up. I wonder what didn’t make the cut, and why. Don’t you?  The. Films can be in ANY language (They,  or the film production team, just Read More

Depression, Bipolar, and Mental Health

Did you know, this month, is “Mental Illness” awareness month? If you didn’t, I completely understand .  It’s not like it’s a cheery topic or anything. Who really wants to focus on it, especially for an ENTIRE month. It seriously thus far, is my least fav. awareness month for this exact reason.  Don’t you HATE Read More