The COP who needs HELP

This cop. Not only considered us lower on the totem pole. But, he also, did what he did out of convenience. Fuming mad yet? Wait till you see/ hear this.  Better yet watch the utube video by TheAdviseShowTV  the titles starts, Cop Arrives to Help Autistic Man;   Extra help-  Cops are trained to be Read More

SHE needed the help too. Not just for him.

  George Hodgin was 22 years old, low functioning, autistic, non- verbal, and Elizabeth Hodgin’s son.  He was in a program for adults with significant intellectual disabilities. He wasn’t being exposed to the community enough there, so after being there for awhile, she (His Mom) took him out to come back home.  Or so she Read More

More ASD Horror’s

Parents of children with ASD. Not only don’t often know whats best for us. But, more often then not can be atleast part of the problem rather then any solutions. This is key as well to keep in mind as there adults as well. Especially because as adults. Despite our functioning. We all have the Read More

The Un-excusable Truths

These posts about the unexcusable truths (There will be atleast a few starting tom) are more for NT’s then those on the spectrum or those with any significant issues with mood, or emotional regulation. If you have ANY of the following diagnosis’s,  Bipolar  Multiple Personality  ADHD Skitzophrenia  Depression  That aren’t well watched and controlled medically. Read More