Bachelor In Paradise Season 3

Isn’t this season far better then the previous season’s of this show!? I certainly think so! Have you realized how friendly everyone in it is with the exception of course of CHAD In the first couple episodes? Don’t you love that!? I do! Except Chad. But, I kinda feel a little bad for Chad too. Read More

Special Needs Trusts

On Qoura I just was one of 3 responders to a question about obtaining gaining benefits and a special needs Trust.- I highly recommend you read the question(s) and it’s answers. And feel free to follow me on there./ Request my answer to any of your questions concerning anything I know about. 😉 via PressSync

Online Learning for the Disabled

This post is only addressing disabled adults who are HF. And moderatly to mildly effected buy there disabilities. People with trully, limited intellectual capabilities aren’t covered. Unless, it just so happens to also apply to them.  We all know how convenient online education is. But, do we see clearly some great benifits it has for Read More

Glossary, level 2. Intro or prep?

This glossary is more advanced then the first in my pages section. Mentioned above. And yes, this makes it just as important as the first.   So, technically if I was allowed anouther page on the site, it should be.  Atleast part of it, is ever evolving as well.  Evolving as I’ll expand on it. Read More

Dyslexic friendly fonts

Atleast 1 in 5 people are Dyslexic. I’m one of them. If you are, or might be, you might appreciate to know, there are now fonts that are supposed to help Dyslexics read better. To my knowledge, now, there are two that are specifically created to make a dyslexics life easier. Their both accessible for Read More

Who would travel the country for you? –

(Continued from the title above) to provide you with top notch functional medicine knowledge regarding everyone’s digestion? Sean Croxton has, and starting on November 9th, will be hosting for 14 days a bran new, free, online video based conference, on intestinal permeability, digestion, and how to solve it! It’s called, the “Digestion Sessions”. And as Read More

International ANNUAL Dyslexia Conference

  This year, the biggest International Dyslexia, Conference is in beautiful San Diego, California!  On September 14-15th is the Family Track (Mainly for parents) and September 12 and 13th is for the professionals. They may also be on the 14/15th also, I’m not sure. You can access more info and sign up here. The family Read More