A Positive, Aspie book, series recommendation

  Take a look at this, for the cheapest prices of up to 4 books and get them before numerous others. All written by someone who knows her stuff both personally and professionally. Click here The authors online bookstore  to atleast check them out. To see them all, you may need to click on pg 2/3, on the Read More

Stress Relief for parents with Sp. Needs kids.

You might know Julie Morrison as a mom and World wide famous nutritionist, who now trains health professionals in how to to guide their clients/ patients towards the right nutritional choices. Many of whom have challenging special needs, like ASD, ADHD, and skitzophrenia. I mention her a bit on my sensory solutions 1 blog.   Read More

WorldWide Autism Exercise specialists

  David S. Geslak (otherwise known as Coach Dave)  is the founder and president of “Exercise Connection” in Chicago. “Coach Dave” has been working with children with special needs,  and autistics, for nearly 11 yrs.  His team at “Exercise Connection”, focus on exercise as a form of treatment for those with autism and other neurological Read More

Upcoming, Autism International TV Channel

    The Autism Channel Worldwide News Stream, subtitled in over 30 languages, debuts January 1, 2015. It is free, if and only if you buy a roku streaming stick. You don’t need a Roku box though, I don’t think.  The cheapest Roku stick I found on Amazon is 40$ with prime shipping.  I haven’t Read More

Did you know that not ALL organics are antibiotic FREE?

     In the USA, until about October 15, 2014. Many ORGANIC pears and apples had been sprayed with antibiotics. I’d link a supporting article but, I’m not allowed (sorry). Want to know anouther thing that is organic with antiobiotics in it STILL? I have made personally, phone calls to back it up and verify Read More

Are you inflamed but, not know it?

   Until I was tested (Like most), I didn’t know of every food, that inflammed my entire body. From my head to my feet, NOT just my intestines/ digestive track. With everything else going on, and societies influences and expectations. How could you? That is partly why, you need to check out this collage I Read More

Healing ADHD- Brain Scans

Healing ADD is another ADHD book favorite of mine, largely in part due to it’s very helpful, SPECT scan close ups of all ADHD types. Except for the last type of Anxious ADHD. Well simply, because at the time of publishing it that type didn’t exist. Another reason is the cover doesn’t say ADHD. I Read More