How aspies and giraffe’s are similiar

Remember the book I recommended called All Cat’s Have Asperger Syndrome? I reviewed it on here- By Kathy Hoopman!! If you haven’t bought it yet you really should.  Well, forget about cat’s for a minute. And check out what other animal we have some other stuff in common with! If your an aspie and understand Read More

An Aspie Worth Billions

If you haven’t seen the Social Network movie yet. You probably should. Especially if you need to see that Aspies can sometimes be among the wealthiest and most successful people in the world. Mark Zuckerberg I promise you ( Even if not diagnosed) is an aspie. You may be able to see the movie via Read More

A Positive, Aspie book, series recommendation

  Take a look at this, for the cheapest prices of up to 4 books and get them before numerous others. All written by someone who knows her stuff both personally and professionally. Click here The authors online bookstore  to atleast check them out. To see them all, you may need to click on pg 2/3, on the Read More