Performing Arts for Neuro-typicals

Drama for people with ASD, can be life changing in numerous ways. But, drama where everyone in the cast is Neuro-typical and paid for their work. That can be the most supportive, and rewarding environment for us. A company that trains and showcases this community exclusively is unique to say the least. And now there Read More

Special Needs Trusts

On Qoura I just was one of 3 responders to a question about obtaining gaining benefits and a special needs Trust.- I highly recommend you read the question(s) and it’s answers. And feel free to follow me on there./ Request my answer to any of your questions concerning anything I know about. 😉 via PressSync

Autistic adults feedback NEEDED

Through June 29th the IACC Strategic Plan Committee Group would appreciate if ASD adults (And those who directly support us) would clearly communicate there needs and knowledge to the IACC (Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee). But, you need to do so buy answering up to 7 questions. Below you’ll see the summary I received from Autism Read More

IPAD Grant for Autistics ONLY – Who needs one?

Today I received basically the below e-mail.  I edited the top adding the first two lines. And the last link.  If you are financially disadvantaged and officially somewhere on the ASD spectrum (Or fit this criteria with a diagnosed ASD child.) And need an Ipad (there great trust me, I have an older one). Apply Read More

Pretty obvious Aspies on the Bachelor and Bachelorette Seasons thus far

Currently, Kaitlyn is the star in the current bachelorette bachelor show airing its 20th season but, only it’s 11th Bachelorette season. To be honest. I like Kaitlyn however, surprisingly thus far her season is the least family friendly season I’ve ever seen. So, parents please be aware of this. Every week thus far except for Read More

An Aspie Worth Billions

If you haven’t seen the Social Network movie yet. You probably should. Especially if you need to see that Aspies can sometimes be among the wealthiest and most successful people in the world. Mark Zuckerberg I promise you ( Even if not diagnosed) is an aspie. You may be able to see the movie via Read More

ASD and practicing Law?!

Ever hear of Eric Weber? I didn’t till today. The law is often black and white yes? And can’t many with ASD think black and white easily? It’s certainly internationally known that the bar exam is one of the hardest exams to pass. Yes? Check this article/ brief video out for some serious ASD Inspiration.[Click Read More

Autism Awareness Song

This Autism Awareness Song is my favorite, and the only one that wasn’t negative, or sales oriented. And the only one I felt resonated with me, on utube ( that weren’t also one or more of the prior things I just mentioned.). This excludes comparison with the other songs I have already shared via this Read More

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