Bachelor In Paradise Season 3

Isn’t this season far better then the previous season’s of this show!? I certainly think so! Have you realized how friendly everyone in it is with the exception of course of CHAD In the first couple episodes? Don’t you love that!? I do! Except Chad. But, I kinda feel a little bad for Chad too. Read More

Week 7- Season 21, Dancing With the Stars, Halloween Week

This was one of my favorite weeks this season thus far. Thank You Ardem and DWTS to allow Ardem to come help Alek with his Dance last week that was performed this past Monday night. Ardem was there to give him a reality check and pointers. Now, Alek’s is back in the competition! Common Alek! Read More

Does Aspie Nick find true Love on the Bachelorette?

Nick (A software salesman) without question has Asperger’s and was introduced to Bachelorette viewers in season 10, Andi Dorfmann’s season. He has been a main drama season producer in both season 10 and now in Season 11 of the Bachelorette. But NOT, intentionally. Nick like Courtney (Season 16 on Ben Flajnick’s Season. ) and Tiarra Read More

The Bachelorette, season 11. Interest me? And if so, why?

Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season (Season 11) has interested me for sure mainly cause she’s the first female Aspie who stars as the lead on the Bachelorette. And because she brought Nick onto it who’s also an Aspie she naturally has GREAT chemistry with. Neither whom anyone suggests or states they have ASD or Asperger’s. However, I Read More

Pretty obvious Aspies on the Bachelor and Bachelorette Seasons thus far

Currently, Kaitlyn is the star in the current bachelorette bachelor show airing its 20th season but, only it’s 11th Bachelorette season. To be honest. I like Kaitlyn however, surprisingly thus far her season is the least family friendly season I’ve ever seen. So, parents please be aware of this. Every week thus far except for Read More

Will you help me support him?

Noah Galloway and Shana Burgess have defiantly earned there way in Dancing With The Stars (My fav. Dancer this season, followed buy The Derek Hough and Nastia pairing (Wasn’t there dance on the subway last week just AWESOME?! Totally wasn’t expecting that!) .  But, back to Noah, and the show.     1.  Wow!  Last week Read More

Handicapped Dancer on Dancing with the Stars!

Do you watch the American Dancing With the Stars? This season I heard, maybe it’s last. Do you know who Noah Galloway is?  If not, you really should. Especially, if you have a physical handicap that makes you either have no fully working limbs. Or your missing some. Learn more about Noah’s full story.  Buy the way, Read More

Upcoming, Autism International TV Channel

    The Autism Channel Worldwide News Stream, subtitled in over 30 languages, debuts January 1, 2015. It is free, if and only if you buy a roku streaming stick. You don’t need a Roku box though, I don’t think.  The cheapest Roku stick I found on Amazon is 40$ with prime shipping.  I haven’t Read More