Bachelor In Paradise Season 3

Isn’t this season far better then the previous season’s of this show!? I certainly think so! Have you realized how friendly everyone in it is with the exception of course of CHAD In the first couple episodes? Don’t you love that!? I do! Except Chad. But, I kinda feel a little bad for Chad too. Read More

Special Needs Trusts

On Qoura I just was one of 3 responders to a question about obtaining gaining benefits and a special needs Trust.- I highly recommend you read the question(s) and it’s answers. And feel free to follow me on there./ Request my answer to any of your questions concerning anything I know about. 😉 via PressSync

Healing ADHD- Brain Scans

Healing ADD is another ADHD book favorite of mine, largely in part due to it’s very helpful, SPECT scan close ups of all ADHD types. Except for the last type of Anxious ADHD. Well simply, because at the time of publishing it that type didn’t exist. Another reason is the cover doesn’t say ADHD. I Read More

CAADRA ADHD resources and Conference in CANADA

CAADRA stands for Canadians ADHD Deficit Resource Alliance. And is a Canadian headquarters for ADHD related info. This includes those without hyperactivity as well. And there annual conference. Which is in Toronto, starting this year on October 17th. It’s mainly for working professionals or students in related professions. Since if I had to guess, I likely Read More

CHADD- the biggest US Annual Conference on ADHD

Here’s a great ADHD resource for families and adults with ADHD alike. All though, professionals can go, I feel it’s more geared to attendees who aren’t professionally working within the population. They annually change up the location, this year it’s in Rosemount, Illinois. Not all conferences are created equal. This one is top quality. It Read More