BGT Finalist Calum Courtney

Calum Courtney at 10 year olds is a great singer who creates his own versions to songs. Have you ever heard him and  seen him on BGT this year!? Even if just on utube if you don’t live in Britain.  I’m so glad he made it as a finalist ! Aren’t you?  Did I mention, Like Susan Boyle  (2009 GT Finalist),  Grace Vanderwall (2016 AGT winner), James Turbin (2011 American Idol Finalist), and Taylor Swift- He has ASD also. Congratulate him on reaching his new ranks of success!

Check this out!  If you like it. Check out all of his videos on utube! Do you make folders on utube saving utube videos that you want easy access to later on to re-watch them? I do! This one is in my BGT Finalists Folder. (NOT my BGT or GT Winners Folder which only has performances from my fav. top 2 GT performers  from ANY GT Season/country.)

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Watch Calum Courtney shine here!