Before Obama Care

Before the Affordable Care Act came into place. Tremendous amounts of adult Americans had 1 or more of the following. Oh buy the way, same for the kids too. Except kids received priority check ups at clinics/school if uninsured. 

No health care for those who couldn’t afford any. Or who could possibly afford the cheapest or cheaper plans. But, those individuals avoided getting them partly due to the negatives mentioned below. 

Limited health care that rarely if ever were acceptable. And ALWAYS a headache to keep/ use discouraging its members to stay. Too expensive for many. 

Okay healthcare cause it was a little less miserable to deal with. But, still limiting in its coverage. And too expensive for many. 

Or better scenarios but there somewhat unrelated to this post.  However, even top plans often didn’t cover everything. And often were major headaches to deal with too. Esp. If you have special needs. Or are a parent of an adult with it. 

BUT, and this is a VERY BIG BUT.

They had Medicare, Medicare Advantage, supplement plans, and Medicaid for the elderly who are unemployed, AND qualifying disabled adults of ANY age. However, there setup medically DISCOURAGED if not COMPLETELY BANNED qualifying adults to work at nearly ANY LEVEL. No matter if they were part time, no matter their low salary, or pay checks. And no matter there living expense costs. 

While their goverment disability office and Social security office nearly BEGGED you to work. DOING SOMETHING. 

And many if not most people who qualified for SSD and Medicare/ Medicaid based off DISABILITY NOT AGE, were then banned from getting benefits because of what I said above/ plain ignorance, will power, not knowing that they could get assistance. And how to do so. 

And although some Medicare/ Medicaid services weren’t as strong as they are now. Or cover how much medical breath as they’ll cover in a couple years. Unless you ONLY had MEDICAID (And then only sometimes), overall, your coverage didn’t leave tons to be desired in certain states. However, there drug coverage, was often under serving. Provided you had a supplemental plan too. The problems were 1. They didn’t have strong coverage across the board. And 2. Which was the larger of the two issues. Most disabled adults never took advantage of either, or both services. However, off course, the goverment WANTED every qualifying needed american on one or both programs.

The other issues that existed aren’t in the scope of this blog, to detail specific, OR will be addressed at anouther time. 

    However, ANY American insured or not, is ALWAYS accepted in ANY Emergency room. Or hospital. For life threatening or potentially life threatening, urgent care. 

       And in areas that are poor enough (populated enough too), and in major enough cities they have ALWAYS had medical clinics. For less severe medical assistance. These clinics are for anyone who is uninsured/ can’t afford medical care.  However, I only recommend ER’s and clinics if you have no where else you can go. 

For the last too settings (In the last two paragraphs) the quality of ones care is more unpredictable often, and the environment is often a nightmare. Esp, for those with MCS, babies, or sensory issues. Also, unless you broke something, or literally have something life threatening. Seeing a specialist is close to impossible if you were very poor/ uninsured. And in some cases. Your doctor would be a resident still (Which is basically a doctor in the late stage of training.). And although residents can be superb. There 1. Residents and 2. Often EXHAUSTED. Residents are basically doctor slaves while in training. Atleast in the USA.

   So now hopefully you see the progress being made a little more clearly now. Don’t you?! It’s pretty awesome, isn’t it? 

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