Bachelor In Paradise Season 3

Isn’t this season far better then the previous season’s of this show!? I certainly think so! Have you realized how friendly everyone in it is with the exception of course of CHAD In the first couple episodes? Don’t you love that!? I do! Except Chad.

But, I kinda feel a little bad for Chad too. I think he deserves love and was there really for the right reasons. I’m certain he has either The fire ring ADHD type and possibly Aspergers. Or Bipolar. ADHD and possibly Aspergers. I feel he was misunderstood and setup buy the station to seem like a bully. When he really isn’t. Don’t get me wrong. I think he certainly needs guidance and likely some diagnosis’s. I also think he’s not yet marriage material and is just dying to be in love too much.

Nick get’s to redeem himself (Finally!). Ashley moves on eventually. Amanda makes Josh a good guy! And true friendships are everywhere on the season!

The atmosphere is so much more welcoming and interesting then on the Bachelor/ Bachelorette and minus all the drama, it’s really fun!

I initially liked Chad and Daniel’s connection. And appreciated Lace’s initial interest in him even though they never really worked.

Then when Daniel gave the twin a rose over Sarah I lost some respect for him. That was just so wrong in my opinion.

I’ve grown to like Lace’s boyfriend Grant. And am so glad Nick got to stay the entire show. I’m glad Jared found love with Caila . Wasn’t Wells A great add to the season?

Evan is an interesting guy. And I’m glad Carly is happy.

Have you noticed that most of the cast in this show has 1/more disabilities/challenges/ a handicap this season?


Who’s normal? The Twins, Carly,  Evan (Maybe), Caila, Jaimy, Izzy, Perhaps Brett/, Grant, The Lamp guy.  And defiantly the two new females that just came in. One with Blond hair, who’s a kindergarden teacher.