Bachelor in Paradise 2019 prep

Who’s looking forward to this summer’s Season, Season 6- of Bachelor in Paradise? I know I’m not the only one.

Is Well’s going to be the Bartender? Are you ready for at least one more wedding? (Do you know how many successful couples this show alone has now assisted in putting together?) Weather we see it or not Ashley I and Jared Haibon are marrying next month. (Remember them from season 2/3 of Bachelor in Paradise?) Even if they weren’t a couple till LAST YEAR!

Have you seen Glitter and Goose’s utube channel? I have, I subscribed. Do you like them more now that you’ve seen those two in Paradise, on utube, and off there initial Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons? I’ve heard some people do. I defiantly like there utube channel. And appreciate seeing there personal growth. Also, there both not completely (If at all, NT).

If your wondering how this post can exist on this blog. Let’s just say this season from whom I recall and know of so far. (Including Glitter and Goose) 7 of the (current or previous contestants shown this season) diagnosed currently or not. Defiantly have what are considered invisible differences. Another words. There disabled. Can you figure out who and with what? I’ll tell you- elsewhere. I’ve already shared some of the contestants and what they have. And at least 1 of the locations I’ve shared that detail is on this blog.

Did you hear that for the first time in the history of the Bachelor franchise there are going to be a same sex possible pairing?

And EVERY Season of this show there has been contestants with something. How can that not peak your curiosity? Inspire? Or at least NOT educate you IF you watch it?

While utube and ABC’s show website can also certainly help you prep for this season. Here’s an article that might too.