What does it mean to be a Gutsy Women?

Greta Thunberg, Temple Grandin, and Elizabeth Warren in my opinion are gutsy females. Regardless of my political stand point or anyone else’s. However, there are many more Gutsy females both alive and deceased. But, the first most important question, is what makes someone gutsy? And I’ll leave this too these two to tell you. Click Read More

Can’t talk (much) or see. No problem!

(SPOILER ALERT- If you haven’t seen Episode one of AGT Season 14. Or this young mans utube video yet of him on it. This video PROVES parents with DISABLED children (NO MATTER there AGE) Need to support whatever there child’s major interests are. Especially when they could or might be into something that could become Read More

Epic Makes 2 major News channels!

Epic Players very fun “Little Shop Of Horrors” wasn’t only done very well. It made both WNYC News and FOX 5 news! Can you see the movement there so awesomely contributing too!? One where disabled actors get more recognition and love in society! The theaters they perform out now are fairly small. But, with the Read More

Little Shop of Horrors

Here is an article with two videos of the EPIC cast of Little Shop of Horrors! The 2nd video plays after the first one plays. It was done prior to the start of the production. At the fundraiser I went to- which I think was in May. https://vimeo.com/337842706 Aren’t they great?

Performing Arts for Neuro-typicals

Drama for people with ASD, can be life changing in numerous ways. But, drama where everyone in the cast is Neuro-typical and paid for their work. That can be the most supportive, and rewarding environment for us. A company that trains and showcases this community exclusively is unique to say the least. And now there Read More

My Bachelor Franchise update

These days, I’m not watching immediately all of the Bachelor/Bachelorette  episodes. To be honest this season was NOT entertaining for me at all.  And while I tried the Proposal a couple times. I’m seriously NOT a fan of that show. So,  I don’t recommend it at all.   However,  I will be watching Bachelor in Paradise Read More

See how well they know each other?

Better then most couples that play this game right after the show ends. And isn’t this fun to watch?  Now did you watch the beginning of their journey yet? If not rewind to it, PLEASE.  See my last post on these two to learn where besides utube you can view it.  Otherwise, click the title Read More

Ashley I and Jared-The Story of US

Since 1/2015  US Bachelor Franchise  fans met Ashley Iaconetti  on the Bachelor.  She’s a broadcaster and Journalist buy degree.   Since 1/2003  Bachelor Fans met Jared in the Bachelorette Season  11, with Kaitlyn Bristowe  (The Aspie from Canada).   Then on Season 2 and 3 (Aug 2015 and Aug 2016)  on Bachelor in Paradise,  Ashley and Jared Read More

Courtney Hadwin -Wow!

Courtney Hadwin is 1 of 2/3 Golden Buzzer choices I agree with this season on AGT.   Want to know why?   Watch her below!   While I haven’t confirmed yet in my mind what she has other then crazy talent. I strongly think she has to be special too! Why? That’s to share another time.  But, Read More

AGT- Lessening the overwhelm

Ever watch AGT/consider watching it. But, think theirs just too many contestants/ variety of talents to follow? Or you watched it and quickly were to overwhelmed buy it. Your SO NOT Alone on that- if you have.   And if your short on time even if that’s never been an issue for you. You may want Read More

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