Ashley I and Jared-The Story of US

Since 1/2015  US Bachelor Franchise  fans met Ashley Iaconetti  on the Bachelor.  She’s a broadcaster and Journalist buy degree.   Since 1/2003  Bachelor Fans met Jared in the Bachelorette Season  11, with Kaitlyn Bristowe  (The Aspie from Canada).   Then on Season 2 and 3 (Aug 2015 and Aug 2016)  on Bachelor in Paradise,  Ashley and Jared Haibon (A restaurant owner) meet and sometimes date.  Ashley develops strong feelings for Jared quickly and they never seem to fade even when Jared wants her to pursue others.   If you don’t know there individual stories (Or you forgot them) I recommend  reviewing it through those seasons and shows on the Bachelor, Bachelorette,/ Bachelor in Paradise BEFORE  watching the below. Obviously you’d only need to see the episodes that show them alone or together allot.

Anyway. I strongly see him as having a LD and her having ADHD. And honestly. I really like, and appreciate there story. And how it represents success within the Bachelor Franchise. While also, showing some of the shows/franchises flaws pretty clearly.   I’ve been routing for Ashley and am so glad Jared has finally caught up.   If you look into the history of this blog. In Kaitlyn’s season and Bachelor in Paradise Season 2/3 Jared was one I watched closely and really wanted to see him find someone. Knowing Kaitlyn Bristowe wasn’t his match even before seeing Kaitlyn send him home.

And unlike most of the franchises last standing couples. I can see that they are both meant for one another. And therefore what they have will last. In fact,  Season 2 of Paradise I saw that Jared defiantly needed some emotional relationship growth to happen ASAP and was disappointed that Ashley and Jared didn’t work out then because he lacked in his realization of what he wanted and needed. Which I knew was her.   Despite her very hard to watch emotional upsets.

What I love the most was there relationship grew without societal pressure. And if you followed the show and Ashley I close enough off the Bachelor Franchise. You  saw they were able (Despite having strong chemistry for one another/ being NT’s)  that they could maintain a healthy REAL FRIENDSHIP still.  Before this happened.





Thanks for sharing this Ashley and Jared! I follow you two closely! Don’t you all now want too also ?