ASD Women’s Digest, Special

The only worldwide online magazine created buy and for those specifically on the spectrum is called, Autism Spectrum Digest. Fairly recently they published an ASD, women’s empowerment, special edition, digital magazine. However, if you ask me, it’s more like a digital book with embedded links and utube videos. The entire magazine basically interviews 24 females with ASD. All except one of the interviewees is verbal.  It’s about 10$ regardless of if your a magazine subscriber or not. Therefore, the subscribers off course, don’t get the special editions then included.  

   The utube video’s have exclusive interviews with a couple of the women they interviewed. Some of these women,  (Only accessible buy purchasing this digital mag.) I’m sure you will atleast have heard about a couple of these women. If not, have met or read one of there books. But, most aren’t author’s. 

    Some of the videos or links sadly either no longer exist. Or are dead links. 

(Perhaps they never did exist?)

   To support the positive intentions of this blog, and highlight Autism Acceptance, and Awareness month starting this coming April. This week, I’m highlighting, the theme of- inspirational, ASD women! Each week in April will highlight a different theme. Lucky for you, this month is 5 months long.

    No matter if you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone- you can and should buy this edition if your a women or teen anywhere on the spectrum. This special edition ASD spectrum mag. Is available in your App Store or via the magazines website. I just subscribed to there quarterly plan for the first time. ( I knew of there mag. Previously, but, couldn’t thoroughly check it out till now/recently.) All of there subscription plans offer your first month as a free trial. And if on a tablet or smartphone and enable the location finder with it, they will happily currently add an extra month to your subscription (1 more mag) no extra charge. However, I’m not yet, suggesting you subscribe. I haven’t checked out those mags enough yet. I’m just saying.