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Remember super star Aspie, Rudy Simone that I previously posted about on this blog in September of 2014 ? June first of 2015 her last self help book is coming out. A book, I might add, that I already pre-ordered. I’m looking forward to it! It’s called “Aunt Aspie’s Weapon of Mass Destruction” . Written in a voice, that’s humorous, fun, and very easy to read. (One I REALLY admire).

If you have ASD, or think you might have it, (And are at least in middle school) I SERIOUSLY recommend you get this book or ask for it as a gift. If you don’t have it, I seriously recommend you check it out along with the URL to her interview. To see if it might be helpful to you or someone you know.

For the most part – after this next paragraph, links, and instruction, you’ll mostly see what Rudy Simone wrote to her list subscribers about this book.

The info below I photographed, cropped, copied and pasted. And edited slightly for my blog readership. From more then one e-mail from her. And obviously two webpages. An interview with Rudy as shown in the photo. Below.

Alexandrea speaking

Her ASD website
(Reviewed- previously mentioned in my Your An Aspie!? September 2014 Post) and her new upcoming book details. Copy and paste into your website bar/ search bar and press search or whatever. This page has a buy link to the books amazon page as well. And the table of contents which is possibly the longest table of contents I’ve EVER seen. LOL!

Rudy speaking-

Aunt Aspie is in the final stages of writing and will be released June 1. It is my most wide-ranging and useful book yet. It is a reference book written with heart and humor which stands at 65000 words. While not encyclopedic, there’s sure to be something for everyone. Alphabetical entries with clickable links to other relevant entries will make what you want to find as easy as possible. Read excerpts here. It is very likely that this will be my last AS book.

Alexandrea again- The excerpts is on her Aunt Aspie’s Facebook page. But, the excerpts not already URL’d to above are excerpts that are about chapters that aren’t young child friendly.

I almost NEVER recommend fully a book I haven’t read at least a good amount of already. Thus far. I have only found two authors I can do that with. She is one of them. And I’ve read over 40 ASD related books from MANY authors. And don’t recommend the majority of the books.

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