An Aspie Worth Billions

If you haven’t seen the Social Network movie yet. You probably should. Especially if you need to see that Aspies can sometimes be among the wealthiest and most successful people in the world. Mark Zuckerberg I promise you ( Even if not diagnosed) is an aspie. You may be able to see the movie via your town library or a library loan program ( From another library) if you need to see it for free.

If you already know enough about Asperger’s you could also watch at least 1 of a number of u tube videos on Facebook too see this for yourself. There is at least a few hrs of video with Mark on utube. Some of the u tube videos hint at his social awkwardness. While all reinforce his hyper-focusing abilities. Focusing mainly on the most important stuff. Not career or business typical standards of professionalism. In at least 1 u tube video. His great interest to what appears to a neuro-typical ( Someone off the Autism spectrum) as an opportunity to impress. To him, is just an opportunity to accommodate the Chinese. And allow the English speaking listeners (It’s an English sub-titled video) to learn the content too. I’m talking about the video showing off his Chinese this time.

Two office u tube videos show his office ( Where he is the head of all of it obviously ). The dress code across the board for everyone is very casual, lunch is always free, they have a make out room, and a game section. Ping pong anyone? Facial Grooming is likely, somewhat optional. After all, on Facebook. Who cares? Lol!

If you need shorter videos u tube even has some under 5 mins just search his name. Mark is proud of his friend number on Facebook. And thousands (If not more) ASD adults as a whole seriously appreciate social media platforms. Like Facebook.

Did you see the video with Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama? You only have to see the first couple minutes to see Barack Obama say he convinced him to wear a suite and Jacket.

Aspies with little to no other additional special needs (Unlike at least nearly half of us) do best often in society surviving and thriving as adults. He’s exemplary proof of this.

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