American version of the movie X And Y

Remember my June first post about the British movie “X and Y”? It’s about a Diagnosed aspie boy/teen who is inspired buy the real Daniel Lightwing. “A Brilliant Young Mind” is what the X and Y movie was renamed for the US audience. This movie was also inspired buy a 2007 documentary, called “Beautiful Young Minds”.

I recently saw on utube before the DVD is allowed to be sold in the US. “A Brilliant Young Mind” which you can watch here . I recommend it.

There is subtitles in this version in a language I don’t recognize at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes (But, not often) behind it they show english subtitles. Their are about two mins of the film where they only speak chinese with hidden English subtitles. But, you still totally understand what is going on in those two minutes.  The rest of the film is in english.

Multiple scelerosis and HF ASD (via Asperger’s) are the differences shown in this film.  Feel free below to comment about what you thought about the film if you watch it. I for one, am glad the father in it was seen in such a positive light.  Unlike, Daniel’s real father.