AGT- Lessening the overwhelm

Ever watch AGT/consider watching it. But, think theirs just too many contestants/ variety of talents to follow? Or you watched it and quickly were to overwhelmed buy it. Your SO NOT Alone on that- if you have.   And if your short on time even if that’s never been an issue for you. You may want to listen up. Those with ADD, ADHD/LD /ASD are the most likely to find the breath of the show making watching it quite a challenge. Which in a way is sad. Because honestly. We could need it the most.

AGT does sometimes have on Wednesday nights a show reviewing some of the acts. It’s not a re-run. But, the performances/stories told in them mostly are. So that could help you. This blog/utube may also be a big help as well. With LD, ADHD, and an auditory Processing issue all of these things could likely serve you too.

You can also go here for help. or possibly better yet. Download there free app.   You can autonomously watch all auditions in it  minutes after airing them on tv.

Another way you can par take in it.  Which will save you allot of time. And keep you focused only hopefully on AGT’s best.  Is look forward to and just watch the show once it gets to the Live shows. And then review if needed via here/the app/ utube/ your fav’s initial auditions only. (Skip all the other auditions/ prior episodes). This suggestion could be the best also. Because you’ll really get and be reminded of the true AGT family/experience.   Right now there in Judge cuts so, Live Shows. Will start in August at some point. If you do a search online you maybe able to find out when the live shows start.

New episodes in the US air at 8-10 pm each Tuesday on NBC. Re-runs  are available to watch on NBC’s website under Shows- then AGT. Then select the episode you desire to watch. It will have commercials watching it through this platform.