AGT 2018 Comedian

Have you met yet Samual Comroe? He is proud of his difference. Are you proud of yours, yet? This guys Tourette Syndrome seriously will make him famous and HILARIOUS! This is a MUST WATCH      Do you think he deserved a golden buzzer for this?   Comment below answering that question after watching his audition video Read More

BGT Finalist Calum Courtney

Calum Courtney at 10 year olds is a great singer who creates his own versions to songs. Have you ever heard him and  seen him on BGT this year!? Even if just on utube if you don’t live in Britain.  I’m so glad he made it as a finalist ! Aren’t you?  Did I mention, Read More

PLEASE be different!

Do you or anyone think people with HF and neurological/neuro-biological conditions need fixing!?  I can guarantee you the worlds most popular show that aired live in Britain this year AGREE. We ARE NOT Broken. Were special!  Not only that. But, MANY NT’s LOVE us and what we stand for. They SAY PLEASE be different!   So Read More

2018 Britain AGT Finalists

Have you seen on TV/Utube/HULU   This years Britain AGT Finalists? If you have a disability, or have a loved one with certain disabilities. You need to see at least 3 of them. TWO made the final two.   But, there ALL inspiring.  Learn who were the top two below.   Then check some of my other posts Read More