Darius Mc Collum’s Story On a website!

While watching the documentary and trailer are important.   A review of his story can be seen on this next link.  This is also here for those of you who truly can’t watch the documentary. Maybe your deaf/blind/ just don’t have 90 minutes to watch  it. No problem! Your covered here!   https://www.freedariusnow.com/darius-mccollum/

Darius Mc Collum’s Important Story

If you can. PLEASE watch this. It’s an hour and 30 minutes and for 2.99 TOPS it’s totally worth your time. It’s called Off The Rail.  Then select the DOC CLUB FREE TRIAL if its not already selected.   A play is/ was created based off this as well. It’s crucial to be informed to make Read More

Supporting Darius McCollum

To follow my previous post About Darius Mc Collum. In case you missed his support  link in that post.   Please use this one. To support Darius Mc Collum please go HERE NOW.   THANK YOU!

Darius McCollum – Doesn’t belong

Have you ever watched this trailer https://youtu.be/GZmwdjlpMyE  ?   If you haven’t seen it yet. PLEASE DO! If your short on time read the next two paragraphs and the link Micheal Carly shares with you below it. Otherwise, you may want to skip these next two paragraphs and then go straight to the e-mail I copied for Read More