Merrick Hannah’s AGT Compilation of Acts

Here is the first 3 performances Merrick Hannah did for AGT. Before the Semi finals. It also shares judge comments, competitors reactions,  and some of  his narratives. I seriously recommend you click play at least once and watch this in it’s entirety.    And he is NOT a Finalist! Are you kidding me america?

Merrick Hanna’s first major TV audition

Was actually NOT for America’s Got Talent (AGT), Season 13! Do you know what show it WAS for? It was for a show where being unique and mega talented isn’t celebrated in the same kinda of way as AGT  and other countries Got Talent shows, is KNOWN for- WORLD wide.  AGT really opens it’s arm Read More

Best Act of Semi Finals week 2?

Merrick Hanna according to Simon and Me was the best act last Tuesday night at the Semi Finals. In my opinion this season he places in 2 nd-4th place out of all the Acts. Did you watch/hear his story? How can you NOT love this boy? I’m very disappointed that if he’s not a judge Read More

AGT, 13- Top 10 Finalists (Video Post version)

America’s Got Talent Semi Finals were done over 2/3 shows so, the video you can access below is of the 10 finalists  acts shown over the course of a couple weeks doing there last acts on the Live Shows.  Please Note- Evie Claire’s father has passed so she might not be in the Finale coming Read More

AGT Finalists

America’s Got Talent Season 12 has been the best season for the show in it’s history. And likely better then all previous season’s of the show in all other countries. I’ve watched ALLOT of utube videos of winners and top contestants/ acts from the shows season’s aired in other countries as well.  India, Holland, France, Read More