Working Part time shouldn’t mean no Health care

As you know. Many employer’s can’t afford to provide health care to part time employees. Many disabled individuals can’t work full time. And working hours that would be normally seen as part time. Is a full time commitment often to the individual with differences/challenges/disabilities (Take your pick on the terminology preferred ;)) Those who do Read More

Working on SSD while on medicare

If your on SSD and Medicare due to Disability you CAN still work. Did you know that? That’s right. SSD and Medicare is not ONLY for the retired elderly population. And if you have worked enough and now can’t. Regardless of if your disability is something you’ve lived with your whole life with, or not. Read More

Hillary Clinton’s Autism Plans

Autistics and the Disabled actually fall under more then one plan.  Yes?  However, there’s a reason on the Day of Mourning (now an Internationally recognized Day to recognize the deaths of those with Disabilities due to neglect and Abuse) are done mostly to Autistics. Hillary wants to abolish this day no less then, hopefully all Read More

Disability Rights- From Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton started her career advocating for us. And she plans on keeping it that way. See an overview of the facts. And  generally her plan for us and our families here.

Clinton Focuses on the Disabled and their Families

Today in The New York Times  (on the front page), in the Washington Post (In the politics section), and other news sources show articles of Hillary’s plans to help us!   Here are some URLS; in case you don’t read the New York Times/ Washington Post. Or perhaps you do. But you want it presented Read More

Nick Vial’s brief TV history recap

As of about a week or two ago. You need to see what got him to becoming the next Bachelor. His Journey thus far. Prior to the end of the Bachelor in Paradise season which just literally concluded.  Remember, he’ll be the first male Aspie as a Bachelor ever on the show.     I Read More

Season 21, The Switch of Bachelor’s

While Luke Pell I thought would have been a GREAT Bachelor. Nick Viall has more experience with the show’s drama and emotional roller coasters. And I feel he could be more cut out for being The Bachelor at this point. Letting go of all the ladies he’ll need too eventually. And pleasing the producers at Read More

Season 21 The first Bachelor chosen

Originally Luke Pell from Jo Joe’s top  3 was chosen to be the next Bachelor.  He’s steamy, sweet, pure, a little tough, not buff, and has possibly just enough room to grow as a person in his own season.  He believed in the process and was available since he just got off Jo Jo’s season. Read More