Bachelor/Bachelorette / Bachelor in Paradise

Update- After watching the entire more recent latest episodes/season’s of the Bachelor/ Bachelorette. And having seen most of this season’s Bachelor in Paradise (so far). I can honestly say my previous statement that I couldn’t be on any of those shows. Is now false.   For the first time ever this season I could defiantly Read More

Bachelor In Paradise Season 3

Isn’t this season far better then the previous season’s of this show!? I certainly think so! Have you realized how friendly everyone in it is with the exception of course of CHAD In the first couple episodes? Don’t you love that!? I do! Except Chad. But, I kinda feel a little bad for Chad too. Read More

Special Needs Trusts

On Qoura I just was one of 3 responders to a question about obtaining gaining benefits and a special needs Trust.- I highly recommend you read the question(s) and it’s answers. And feel free to follow me on there./ Request my answer to any of your questions concerning anything I know about. 😉 via PressSync