Donald Trumps Intentions

Donald Trumps Intentions (Regardless of if he wins or not) effect his supporters big time. As you might know- I’m certainly not one of them.  Regardless, check the following out.  The last one is the newest and possibly the most important. Especially, if you support him.   Misleading article see below’s URL Read More

Parrot C.A.R. E. And Snippets of NY times article.

The Serenity Park Sanctuary’s Parrot C.A.R.E. program’s website on the other hand can be found here. However, for a 1 page Snippet Summary of the NY Times Essay, written Buy Marc Bekoff Ph.D  for Psychology today.     Go here Animal Emotions, PTSD, Parrots, and people.

Serenity Park saves Parrots and Veterans

This approximately 5 minute video from Utube shows you  the Serenity Park Parrot  Therapy program that helps both the parrots and the vets.   However, this one has a better video in my opinion and a far much shorter article then the NY Times Essay. The video is about the same length as the you Read More

Can Parrots have PTSD?

According to this news article Parrots can get PTSD. They can help rehab veterans with it as well. This is a long essay written for the NY Times about these topics. The essay was written this past January. However, the Park Sactuary has had this rehab for program much longer then that for the veterans. Read More

New Dancing With The Stars, Season 22!

Season 22 Of Dancing with the Stars starts next week on March 21 rst! But, do you know who the Stars will be? And who there paired with? They will have a college grad from Gallaudet University ! The only university for deaf students and the hard of hearing . His name is Nyle Di Read More